Yorba Linda Man, His Yorkie Attacked By 2 Coyotes

Yorba Linda Man, His Yorkie Attacked By 2 Coyotes

(CBSLA.com) -- A Yorba Linda man says he and his beloved were by two while out for an evening stroll.

The man is okay but his 10-year-old Yorkie, named , was dragged away by the coyotes and presumably killed.

The attack occurred Friday night around midnight near the family's home in the 17900 block of Ranch Drive.

KCAL9?s spoke to Jason O'Rourke's shaken wife.

The attack happened across the street from the family home in an alley way.

Jennifer O'Rourke says the coyotes pushed her husband down and then grabbed their dog.

"All of a sudden he was just knocked to the ground by something that jumped on him from behind," O'Rourke said.

Jason told Jennifer that Dodger didn't yelp or whine or anything.

"He was just kind of limp," Jennifer said about the dog.

After the attack, Jennifer said her husband ran back home, grabbed a shovel and took off after the coyotes.

He couldn't find them, or Dodger.

"It's like your child," said Jennifer, "and it's part of your family. He's the only dog I've ever had.

O'Rourke is in the middle of treatment for a rare form of cervical cancer. She says Dodger has always been by her side, a comforting shadow, and bright spot in her life.

"I've had three surgeries and he just, even yesterday, I was recovering from my last one that was two weeks ago and he was here on the pillow next to me," she says.

O'Rourke says she hopes by telling people about this frightening attack, she can help save another pet from suffering a similar fate.

Jennifer says she called Animal Control but was told since her husband and the coyotes were both unharmed there's really nothing they could do.

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