Furreal Friends Biscuit – Fake Dog, But Real Fun

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Furreal Friends Biscuit is a that you might want to consider bringing into your home. After all, he doesn’t make messes, doesn’t need to be brushed or bathed, and, if he gets too yappy, you can turn him off with the flip of a switch. Biscuit is starting to sound like the for !

The real of Biscuit will likely be your children. They are the ones who will be clamoring for this to be under their tree this ! It’s with too. Biscuit does do lots of tricks just like a real dog. He can sit, beg, and nuzzle with the best of them. 

Don’t expect to have the problem of getting Biscuit confused with your real dog, however. This doesn’t quite cross the line to being too real. Still, he is smart enough and responsive enough to delight children. You might even catch yourself laughing and playing with the dog.

Of course, since he has advanced robotics he isn’t going to be the cheapest to you come across this season. However, if you usually do one special "big" gift for your children, this is a great candidate. Since you’re a family of pet lovers it only makes sense that you bring even more joy from into your house with Biscuit the dog. 

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