How to Love Your Dirty Dog in Spite of Himself

Love Your Dirty Dog

“Suburbanite inhabiting an immaculate, perfectly decorated home, behind the wheel of an elaborately detailed luxury car; suddenly finds grime, fur and drool everywhere – entirely shifts lifestyle and falls in love with all of it.”

Does this ring a bell with you? You’re definitely not alone!

So how did you wind up with your ? If you’re at all like me, what it took was one glance from Milo, the handsome Spaniel, or possibly for you the look from Penny the lovely Poodle or Ben the pudgy .

I originally met my buddy Milo a few days after he had lost his long-time doggie buddy Otis. He was abject. He just laid around and wouldn’t eat. What else could I do, but help him handle his grief? We quickly became best friends.

Pet Friendly Cleaning

Bless his little heart, at seven years of age he was as neat and tidy as me. He avoided beaches and puddles, let me wipe his feet, and – thankfully – never slobbered. What do you know… a clean freak!
When Milo left for doggie heaven at 12 years of age, I understood how much I had grown into the “doggie” lifestyle.

A couple months later, I still missed my canine buddy, and truly felt miserable.

The ad in the classifieds read: Springer Spaniel puppies. Hmmm. Perhaps I should “check it out.” Maybe just look. Honest

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

So, how could I possibly resist this little ball of brown and white fur? Tail wagging so hard her little butt was shivering, and piddling everywhere out of excitement. Man, they are so good at stealing your heart.

Driving away with her sitting on my lap I pondered, “what have I done?” She lovingly glanced up, gave me a tiny lick, and I suddenly knew everything would be alright.

Still, all are not created equal. Unlike my boy Milo, my girl Keiko was no clean freak. Playing in lakes, digging holes in the garden, and splashing around in mud puddles – were all a bad combination for my car seats.

How do you cope with the dirty paws on your carpet or the slobber and sand on the car upholstery? Here’s a few tips to help you stay on track.

What a MessMinimizing the mess.

Keeping clean generallly means having a cleaner house. Regular bathing and brushing helps to minimize all that hair and dander on the furniture. It also helps to eliminate odors. Try to have a lint brush or damp sponge handy to take care of loose pet hair.

On carpeting, a beater brush attachment for a vacuum is great for taking care of pet hair. For upholstery, you can use nappy brushes, sticky rollers or even the clean rubber sole of a tennis shoe. Be sure to apply light, even strokes.

Lifting stains.

First, use a damp cloth to dilute the spot. Then, clean the area with a mixture of one teaspoon white added to a quart of water. Your local pet store may also have solutions that work well for lifting stains and odors. Make sure you follow the label directions and give them time to work as indicated.

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning

When your pet has “stomach issues”, clean it up promptly since the stomach acids can stain carpet. Use a professional solution and rinse with clean hot water. A sponge can be used to lift the soiled solution away from the carpet.

When Things Get Serious

Sometimes you’ll find it impossible to clean up the mess on your own, and you’ll find yourself in need of the services of a professional. Look for a family and pet friendly carpet service like Extreme Clean CU (located in ). You will be amazed at the miracles a truly pet friendly company can accomplish.

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