My 3 month english bulldog puppy is making me go crazy?

Question by sparklle0913: My 3 bulldog puppy is me go ?
I just got her at this age, she isn't potty trained at all, and plays really rough with my 1 year old son. She is a little troublemaker. I really don't know what else to do. She pees and poops everywhere and I literally am there moping every hour. I tried the taking her outside on a collar thing but she doesn't like using it outside. She plays real rough and uses her teeth on my son and play jumps on him knocking him over, now he cant even crawl around nowhere,and how can i get rid of her dog smell is that always going to be on her and in my house? I bathe her every nite and she still smells like dog..i'm really losing it with her and starting to give up. I've had her for just one week so far and thinking twice now.thanks

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Answer by duckie07
OK, slow down…. potty training can be difficult…. and training a puppy is hard too! esp, with a little kid… and you have only had her for 1 week… it's gonna take some time for her to adjust and you too, just be patient!

1.) potty training…. take her out regularly… like every hour, they have small bladders but she will get better as time goes on. tell her to “go potty” and praise the garbage out of her and give her treats when she goes outside!
if she has an accident (which she will) say “no, outside!” and immediatley take her outside.

2.) the jumping/biting thing
first don't let the puppy be around your unless you are there….to tell the puppy “down” and when he bites grab her mouth and hold it closed and say “no biting!” (that's what their mom's do to keep them inline minus the talking lol)
you just have to be consistent…. it's alot of work…

3.) the bathing thing… you are washing that puppy way to much! unless she actually gets muddy i wouldn't reccommend bathing her except maybe once a month! too much bathing can cause her to smell worse and have skin problems…. she smells like a dog cause she is one!

good luck!

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    • Alicia
    • March 21, 2014

    Why did you get a dog??

    First of all, she is only 12 weeks old!!!! She is just a baby. She isn’t going to come potty trained. You need to take her out AT LEAST every hour. When she goes potty outside, give her tons and tons of praise. Like over the top praise. Are you also crate training? So what if she doesn’t like the collar thing, she needs to get used to it. Put it on her anyway, you are the boss. Again, she is 12 weeks old, puppies mouth things! When she mouths your son, tell her firmly “NO”, and give her a toy or something that she CAN chew on. She will start teething soon, around 4 months so expect it to possibly get worse. Jumping and playing is just being a puppy, that is what they do. If she gets rough, tell her “NO” and again, give her a toy. As for dog smell, stop bathing her every night. You are going to dry out her skin. And you need to make sure you dry those wrinkles really really well. If you aren’t getting them dry, that could be part of the smell. Bulldogs can get gunk in the wrinkles and they need to be kept dry. Also, does she have a tail pocket? If that isn’t cleaned out and dried thoroughly it can be smelly too. If all that is clean and wrinkles are all dry, she is a dog, she is going to smell like a dog, get over it.

    And I can’t stress enough, SHE IS ONLY 12 WEEKS OLD, SHE IS A BABY!!!

    Maybe you should think about contacting rescue to re-home her. It sounds like you didn’t do your research on bulldogs and weren’t prepared to bring her home.

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