How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

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Birthday Puppy 2

parties are . It’s the day your coming into the world is celebrated. The includes special foods, songs, a cake and attractively wrapped gifts. When we think of , we think of people. What if your loved one is a dog? A dog is a member of the too, and as such deserves a dog , don’t you think?

Man’s best friend is a loyal and loving creature, diligent in guarding the home, giving love and affection when you’re feeling down and out. Some even bring slippers and newspapers. Some dogs are silly but so endearing in their never-ending enthusiasm for chasing sticks or yes, even rocks, for the sheer pleasure of spending time with you. Others participate in Frisbee games right along with the rest of the . The indoor dog wakes you at the crack of dawn with ‘dog kisses” just to show how much they love you.

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Dog Happy Birthday Cake #1
Dog Happy Birthday Cake #1 (Photo credit: Randy Pertiet)

Your dog asks so little in return for all they do for you. Pencil in a dog birthday party for this special friend and member!

Maybe you’ve never planned a dog birthday party. Perhaps you think your dog doesn’t know the difference between one day and the next and doesn’t even know what a birthday is. Well, so what? Throwing a dog birthday party gives your dog pleasure outside of the ordinary dog day.

Just as you enjoy special foods on your birthday, so will your dog! Granted, your dog would enjoy treats any day of the year, but if you have no dog birthday celebration, your dog just continues to give and give. Give a little back.

For those of you who have never considered such an idea, here are a few tips on how to make the day a success.

Birthday Dogs of May 2007
Birthday Dogs (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

Center your dog birthday party around a family barbecue. Today, throw a burger and a hot dog on the grill for your favorite dog. We’ve all seen the big round pleading eyes as we serve the rest of the family. Instead of having Rover sit next to ’s place at the table waiting hopefully for a scrap, just give Rover some of the bounty outright.

If he likes chasing a Frisbee, go for it. It’s his party, after all! Everyone can join in the fun.

Essential to the successful dog birthday celebration is a large beef bone from the butcher. This is dog heaven, it doesn’t get any better and lasts for days!

Perhaps your dog’s passion is a visit to the park to meet and greet other canines. Make a point to include this activity.

Indulge the dog-biscuit lover. Maybe, for just this one day, allow your pooch unfettered access to that favored sleeping spot on your bed. Make it a day of pure enjoyment for your loyal and loving dog. You’ll have the pleasure of knowing this was not a ‘dog day” in the usual sense.

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