One 4-Year-Old’s Sweet Best Friendship With a Bulldog

has a BBFF — friend forever.

Photographer Rebecca Leimbach has spent the past four years documenting the budding relationship between her 4-year-old daughter and her , Lola.

told Mashable that she and her husband struggled with infertility for years before she became pregnant with Harper. Since then, she has been unable to have another child. But with Lola by Harper’s side, she’s never without a playmate.


Harper spends much of her time dressing her canine pal in princess clothes, reading her stories and cuddling with her in bed. Leimbach’s photographs capture her daughter’s relationship with Lola, revealing their strengthening bond over shared meals, baths and nap times.

Leimbach said that coming to terms with her infertility has been a challenge. “It weighs on me almost daily,” she said, adding that part of that weight stems from guilt over being unable to provide a sibling for Harper.

“Realizing that Lola was helping to fill that void has helped me to embrace what is right in front of me,” she said. “They are pretty amazing together, they really do love each other. Photographing them makes me laugh, it makes me happy, it makes me appreciative and it also is a lot less expensive than therapy.”

To see more of Harper and Lola’s adventures together, visit Leimbach’s Facebook page.

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