Warm weather in Texas means watch out for snakes, says expert

Visiting your zip code very soon: , and perhaps plenty of them. With temperatures and upcoming spring rainfall, experts say it’s getting that time of year when snakes are on the prowl, or at least on the slither. With a ground zero for many snake populations, people and should be aware that snakes are out and about, a A&M University regarding the creatures.

, associate professor of veterinary medicine, notes that this is the time of year when snakes forsake their comfy winter surroundings and head out and about, and that could mean bad news for people and their pets. She and other veterinarians in the Small Animal Hospital at Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences are expecting to see snakebite cases any day.

“I spoke with one of our emergency room doctors the other day and said to be sure and tell pet owners that and cats are likely to encounter snakes this time of year,” she says. “If you believe your pet has been bitten, you need to seek veterinary care and the doctor can determine what kind of treatment is necessary.”

She says a snakebite on a human can be painful — and very expensive.

It is not uncommon for a person bitten by a to have medical bills of $ 50,000 or more because of hospitalization, which can run from one day to several weeks, treatments on damaged tissues, plus antivenin treatments that can run into the thousands of dollars, she adds.

Although snakes are found in most of the world — Ireland, Iceland and New Zealand are some of the few snake-free countries — only four types found in Texas are venomous: the coral snake, copperhead, rattlesnake and cottonmouth (also called water moccasin), and the state is a slithering paradise for all of them.

“The thing to remember about snakes is that generally, they want to be left alone. They are probably more afraid of you,” Heatley explains.

“Of the four types of venomous snakes in Texas, the coral, copperhead and rattlesnake are almost never aggressive unless they are provoked. The cottonmouth has been known to be a little on the aggressive side, so you should be a little more wary of it, especially if you are near a creek or lake where they have been frequently seen.”

Heatley says snakes are becoming more active and many are changing out of their skin — and that can reveal a key clue.

“This is the time of year when all reptiles become more active. Even water turtles begin to shed their scutes for the shiny new ones underneath,” she adds.

Heatley says an inquisitive pet can be a snakebite victim.

If bitten, a dog usually suffers the bite on its face or

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    I love dog they make good.family. pet.

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    1:15-1:24 wot kind of dogs are they?

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    What kind of dog is that at :21??? It makes the Rottweiler look so small. 

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    Strange this came up – yesterday I was putting away the shopping out my car
    and a heard a sniffling noise and I turned around and there was HUGE dog
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    I told my dd and she just laughs at me because she thinks I’m
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