Bulldog Launches Software Application for Marketers

Bulldog Launches Software Application for Marketers

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — , a for enterprises has launched Bulldog Gameplan(TM), a SaaS-based that creates integrated and results-driven BtoB . Gameplan was developed for to collaborate, plan and model the full spectrum of marketing activities to deliver measurable business results.

“We have combined Bulldog’s depth in BtoB marketing with enterprise-class development to create a truly unique planning application,” , Bulldog’s chief executive officer said. “We developed Gameplan to help marketers tie their planning cycles to committed outcomes in a way that is quick to deploy, easy to use and immediately adds value,” Hicks explained. “One of the key benefits of using our application is organizational maturity through the use of best practices, goal setting, iterative modeling and plan optimization.”

Through Gameplan’s four distinct modules, marketing organizations can build their program plans in a consolidated location, model different outcomes, view a centralized calendar and make data-driven decisions about their marketing plans. Additionally, the application allows marketers to optimize their budgets and align it to their highest-impact activities, ultimately enabling accurate forecasting and better visibility into marketing ROI.

Gameplan was built in concert with Bulldog’s existing customers like and CDS Global, among other enterprise organizations. “As an industry leader, Zebra is always looking for innovative ways to do business and we look forward to our continued involvement with this solution. We have a strong history with Bulldog and believe that this application was built to help solve the needs that competitive marketing leaders face today,” said Amy Barrington, senior marketing manager at Zebra Technologies.

“We take our modern marketing very seriously, so we are always looking for ways to improve internal collaboration, optimize our view of activities and predictively model our success. We are excited to be part of the Bulldog Gameplan program and think it holds great promise to solving some key BtoB marketing challenges,” said Jamey Heinze CMO of CDS Global.

For more information about this software application, visit website: www.bulldogsolutions.com/gameplan.

About Bulldog

Bulldog(TM) is a marketing technology company that delivers software and agency services to BtoB companies. We specialize in increasing and proving marketing’s business impact. While our program execution may delight your directors and managers, it’s our relentless focus on bottom-line results

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