“Puppies” Which one??

Question by rzeznik_101: “” Which one??
I'm getting a puppy but I don't know what to get.
“A Boxer”
“A Puggle”

Explain why too!

Best answer:

Answer by Gabie W
Well i like goldens i have one,, or labs. But for the ones ur wanting id say Boxer. Some drule alot though ! lol good luck !

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    • Puggle Mania Online
    • February 28, 2014

    The main difference between those two choices is size. Boxers are considerable larger than Puggles. However, both are good choices for low maintenance, moderate energy, and high intelligence.

    The question comes down to which breed fits better into your lifestyle. If you are interested in Puggles take a look at my website for more information, pictures, ect.

    Good Luck

    • February 28, 2014

    You should go see the dogs. I my dog from a pet store after looking for 3 months. The puppy I got was six months and was on sale. I got the puppy because she was good with my special need child. She sat on her lap, did not bite, she was prefect for me. A friend like my dog, and got the same breed. Her dog was nothing like mine. Dogs are like people, they may look similar, but totally different. I would look at both, and find the dog perfect for you. You may end up with a different breed of dog. Look at your local shelter, or pet store, or local breeder.

    • Laura
    • February 28, 2014

    You need to do your research.
    Look at your own lifestyle and pick which one fits you best, these are very different dogs.
    You should find out which one tends to have more medical problems. Which one has the more desired personality for your family. And dont forget about training. Some breeds are easier to train than others. check out these sites… and remember mixed breeds or “mutts” tend to be extremely good dogs with fewer heallth problems, never feel like you have to stick to a name brand dog.
    I would suggest taking a visit to your local pound or spca and just see what is out there.
    remember to do your reasearch and learn about your new dog before you purchase him or her, life is easier for you and the pupppy if you already have your crate training and scedule plans all ready before you bring your new friend home. Good luck!

    • Pip C
    • February 28, 2014

    How active are you? A boxer is a very active dog that need a lot of exercise. Also size is an issue. How big is the yard you will be keeping the pup in? don’t forget that the pup will be a dog sooner than later. Most reach their full growth rate in at the most 2 years.
    If you can, getting 2 dogs is good. I have a rottweiler and a black Labrador. The rotti is a lazy dog by nature, the labby is very active. The 2 of them compliment each other. Both are very fit, I live on a quarter acre with a pool so by the time they guard the perimeter and have their swim they certainly earn their keep.
    Both of the dogs are fully spoilt. Both very intelligent. I just ask them to do what ever and they do. They are part of the family they are my fur kids.
    But back to your question, don’t just go by looks and the breed of dog, go by your lifestyle, the dogs will fit in with you, not you with the dogs. If you are prepared to put in the time, the world is your oyster so to speak. What ever you get, you will have unconditional love and loyalty.

    • Monica S
    • February 28, 2014

    Boxers are great family dogs. They make good watch dog but not real good guard dogs. As most are very affectionate with everyone even strangers. They are large and full of energy. They do tend to drool a lot and some are known to have hip dyspepsia. A common problem in large pure bred dogs.

    “Puggles” are a cross between a beagle and a pug. They are small dogs. As with any mixed breed dog they tend to be healthier than pure breed dogs. But you need to research both the breeds that it has in it to have a idea of what to expect as for health and personality.

    But me I would take the boxer.
    It is your choice but please make sure your puppy comes from a reputable breeder.

    • Pixie
    • February 28, 2014

    Of course YOU need to make this decision based upon the qualities of each of these two “breeds” and what your lifestyle allows.
    A Boxer pup needs alot of training because his breed is assertive and can become aggressive if you don’t show it who is boss. I don’t mean you should become a dictator to the dog, but you should have some kind of experience in basic dog training or a true willingness to learn.

    Now, I don’t know about Puggles persay, but I do know Pugs and Beagles, the two purebreeds that make the Puggle. Pugs have great personalities and bond with one special person. Pugs are not known for being very obedient, but they are very loyal. Beagles need alot of attention and affection from their masters. They tend to become behavior problems if left alone alot.

    Be prepared to spend alot of time and energy with either breed because puppies need that from you. You should take your time making this decision because this companion will be with you between 12 and 16 years. Talk to the breeders. Surf the internet and research these two breeds, then make an informed decision.

    Enjoy your new canine friend!

    • lol
    • February 28, 2014

    A boxer they are a lot more loving loyal and cute, but that is just my opinion, get what ever you think is your dream dog=)
    here is some info
    The boxer is playful, exuberant, inquisitive, attentive, demonstrative, devoted and outgoing; it is a perfect companion for an active family. It can be stubborn, but it is sensitive and responsive to commands. It may be aggressive toward strange dogs, but it is generally good with other household dogs and pets
    As pets, Puggles have the mild mannered yet playful ‘lap dog’ qualities often associated with Pugs, mixed with the more energetic tendencies typical of the hunting qualities of a Beagle. A cheerful clown who loves to play but then quickly tires for a short nap, Puggles are mid-sized dogs which make excellent housepets, and many Puggle owners testify to their winning personality as one of their strongest ponts. Their playful disposition, however, makes them a bit slow to train, a trait they share with both Pugs and Beagles. That said, they retain the friendly, laid-back disposition of both breeds, but while their size makes them perfect for apartments, they need a bit more excercise and attention than some traditional apartment dogs (Pugs included). They also shed many small, light-colored hairs, and occasionally have gas. Unlike Pugs, they generally do not snore or make snuffling noises. While they have a relatively standard bark, and vary widely as to how often they bark, some inherit the odd, nasal baying of Beagles, a mix of a baying hound and the coo-ing of a pigeon (some say sounding like ‘Gizmo’ from the movie “Gremlins”). That said, their barking is much more easy to deal with than most Beagles, and many Puggles are barely vocal at all
    Good luck on choosing your dream dog=)

    • RRH B
    • February 28, 2014

    Well,I think you should get a Puggie!! Why?Because boxers can be mean if you don’t treat them right!! And puggies are very lovable!!! I have a Beagle and a little black dog!! They are very cute!! Good luck with your choice and have a great week!!!!

    • sakura741
    • February 28, 2014

    I don’t think neither one is good because, no offense, their faces are ugly. If I really had to choose I would say pug because they look cuter!

    • SGSAS20
    • February 28, 2014

    ahh! a boxer is my dream dog. just because its cute. haha

    but puggles are cute too.

    it depends what size dog you want.

    puggles are smaller dogs.
    kind of a medium size tho.
    and boxers are bigger.

    • Alina A
    • February 28, 2014

    boxers they are very playful dogs good with children and other dogs and they have big personalities!!!!

    • bbdavis6469
    • February 28, 2014

    A baby English bulldog totally outcutes those too, they are adorable.

    • Winter. New York. 70 degrees.
    • February 28, 2014

    Puggle, my friend had one named Max and he was adorable!

    • soccergirl101
    • February 28, 2014

    A puggle they are loveable!!

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