Have you considered making a home for a former Greyhound Athlete?

are excellent .  As they work and perform throughout their racing careers, they usually work until they are between 1.5 and 4 years old.  Throughout this time, they become adjusted to being walked and lead on a , so upon retirement from their profesional careers, they make excellent pets!

As a retired athlete, they are intelligent, quiet, calm, clean, gentle, and all around good-natured and happy to adapt to a new home life.  They react well to positive attention and and so they are a pleasure to train and work with for the new families they become a part of.

They love and although they do want exercise, they do not need as much space to run as many might think.  Inside the house, they like to curl up in a corner on a .  They are quiet and perfectly well behaved inside a house and around people.

Greyhounds spend most of their lives with other , people, and handlers, thus they are very sociable animals and get along well with others.  Their makes them an wonderful breed to be near kids.  Their intelligence and make them an perfect companion.  And because they are well mannered, they are well behaved around company and in public.

There is certainly a local of America club near you.  So think about adopting a former .  For more details, check out the Greyhound Park of Tucson.  Various chapters have different expectations and fees, but each will encourage you to come visit and find out more about whether a Greyhound might be right for you!

You can also help by volunteering your time.  All need to help with care, veterinary appointments, and even just shopping for doggie supplies.  Of course, are also needed, but your time and love is needed most!

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