How to Properly Train your Dog

Have you noticed that your is one of the most important things that you can do? I know that from experience because I have 4 dogs total, 3 of whom are still considered puppies and one who is an older adult. Two of my puppies are extra large breeds and will drag you around the yard if you're not careful. They are who have to be some of the most stubborn dogs that I have ever ran across, but they do a great job helping out with my kids and keeping them in the yard. Without training though they would be impossible to handle. Dog Training helped my handle my dogs in several ways: taught them to come, taught them to heel, and taught them how to wait.

The teaching them to come is actually more challenging than it sounds like. That is because they are stubborn dogs and want to go their own way, my Mastiffs that is. The other two just listen and come right away, but when you have a non-neutered English Mastiff he will hunt down any dog that is in heat a mile away it seems like. So to break him of this habit and have him come to me was a big plus. I managed to accomplish this without the use of food as is common in most cases or clicker. Just constant repetitive actions got him to the point of coming without a problem.

Teaching my dogs how to heel was one of the most challenging issues that I came across. I mean if you have a dog that sees a or another animal on his turf they are going to try to chase it away. That means you are just going to get drug along for the ride if you want to or not. However, a fully obedience trained dog will listen to you and heel by your side until you release them to get the animal or use the potty. This works wonders and doesn't mean that you end up being drug behind getting and mud kicked in your face. I managed to accomplish this task with the use of a pinch collar for my large breeds and my little Yorkie Poo just be constantly reminding him to heel.

Now if you do not know what wait is, it's where you have the dog stand at the threshold of a door until you let him by you. Now that means you can stand with the door wide open and the dog will be standing at the door until you tell them that they are free. This is very nice to train your animal to do if you have elderly relatives taking them out, or if you have younger children around so they will not get ran over by your dogs. I know that this has saved my kids several times in the dogs allowing the kids to pass safely by them and they stood at the door waiting patiently. This is another hard task to teach and can only be accomplished with constant repeating of the same action.

Now dog training does not have to be hard for anyone. In fact you do not even have to leave your own home if you do not want to. Click here to learn about a dog training program that is available online. However, if you are looking for a dog training program that you can get one on one attention with a trainer in person check your local phone book. Either way your dog will get his obedience training and enjoy living a long happy life with you and your family.

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  1. Here are some tips to keep your dog well behaved:
    1.You’ve to start training your dog as early as possible
    2,Be firm but gentle when you train your dog
    3,By observing the behavior of your dog inside the house you’ll realize how it will respond outside
    4.You should not lose your temper
    5.Timing is always important especially when you’re correcting your dog

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