Dog Obedience Training At Home: Tips

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When Michael, bought a small golden retriever as a birthday gift for his youngest daughter, he never imagined – that the little canine would chew up her report card, that had accidentally dropped to the floor! Unbelievable as it sounds, this is a true story! What’s surprising is that, this is not a lone case of bad dog behaviour! Where dog obedience has not been undertaken, many dog owners complain of similar instances. Many of these have been posted on and are hilarious for readers! But as dog owners express on the website, these have been extremely awkward moments for them!

Why People Don’t Train their and Why They Should

The question thus arises, as to why – so many dog owners fail to give their ’ thorough training in dog obedience?  offers an interesting answer. “Often dog owners forego training because they don’t like the way they think the training makes their dog feel, or they feel guilty for setting rules and not letting their dog ‘be a dog,’” it states, clarifying that – this is an absolutely incorrect assumption!

Dog obedience training is a must, if you do not want your “dog to lead you on walks, cut you off on the stairs, run first through open doorways, jump on visitors, or every time the doorbell rings or a child walks by your house…Typically, these are things dogs do when they think they are in charge,” but once you learn to communicate consistently with your dog, they start responding correctly, the website declares. If you want to learn some basics on how to effectively communicate with your dog and train him at , read through the interesting given below.

on Dog Obedience Training at Home

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Show Your , that You are the One in Charge

Chewing, barking and biting – are behavioral problems a dog may develop on sensing, a lack of leadership from his owner, believes, “Dogs instinctually crave leadership and are keenly attuned to the discipline associated with it. However, if dogs don’t sense leadership from owners, their instinct compels them to try to take charge, which can lead to behavior issues such as barking, pulling on the , jumping or even worse …,” it informs.

Hence, when starting your dog obedience program at home, it is absolutely essential to show your dog – that you are the one in charge. You can accomplish this, through a series of repetitive ‘calm’ and ‘consistent’ dog obedience training commands. “Use a calm, low-pitched tone of voice, and short clipped words,” to assert yourself, advises Amy Shojai – a professional “pet journalist” with over 25 years of experience, on “High-pitched upset voices can sound whiny and send the wrong signals that you are not in charge…Use the same words for the same thing each time so your pup learns your language with repetition…” she suggests.

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Keep Obedience Training Sessions Short

Since the attention span of puppies is short, “it is unreasonable to expect to have your ’s full attention for a long period of time,” declares  Keeping this in mind, it is wiser to keep your dog obedience sessions  “short at first to minimize distractions and maintain your dog’s attention, gradually increasing the amount of time spent on training each day,” it states.

Teaching Your Dog How to Sit Is the Easiest

The ‘sit command’ in dog obedience training, is the easiest command to teach your dog, believes  To teach it to your dog- “Get on your puppy’s level, either on the floor or in a chair next to him. Hold a treat close to his nose and let his head follow the treat as you move your hand up. As his head moves up, his butt will lower. When his butt hits the floor, release the treat to his mouth. Immediately praise him for his brilliance. Repeat multiple times every day. Pair the behavior with the word “Sit.” The website provides similarly interesting maneuvers, to teach your dog the rest of the five basic commands, like – “Come,” “Stay,” “Down” And “Walk Nicely on Leash.”

  Your Puppy

‘House training,’ is one of the most important facets of dog obedience training. However, no matter how early you start, puppies are never completely housetrained until they are over six months or more, asserts “This means that though you may be making tremendous progress housetraining, there will be “mistakes,” it states. “Give your puppy frequent access to his toilet area – prevent soiling in the house. Reward the pup for peeing or pooping in the right place – use a special treat. Never punish the pup for housetraining “mistakes” – scolding has dire consequences. Put your puppy on a regular and timely feeding schedule – in/out clockwork; “and “Know when your puppy last eliminated – keep a diary,” are the five vital ‘house training ’ the website offers dog owners.  

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This article was written by Bill Waters, an animal-lover and a professional dog trainer specilaizing in dog obedience training techniques.

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