Q&A: Should I Breed “Designer Dogs”?

by moxlux

Question by Kieana H: I “Designer ”?
I've been breeding small with my mother since you could say 6mths of age, but now we both are alittle curious to see what is in the making of a healthy designer. We bred once and got gourgoues pups here's a photo
These are the only two but aren't they precious?
The doctor said they are in healthy if not the healthiest condition for a young newborn, which means we choose the best *hehe*. So do you think we continue?

-All sugesstions welcomed
God Bless,
-I would Like to choose the second answer as the best answer.

Everyone had answers and trust me I respect everyones answer which is why I've pretty much been conviced to not do much with . Of course they are mutts and people just strap a name on them and then boom they sell for over 600 dollars. So many of them do suffer in shelters and these two pups will have a very special home will me and my little 2-year old who loves them already….Again thank you very much and God Bless


Best answer:

Answer by mups mom
NO and brace yourself for the responses you are going to get to question….you asked for it….

Give your answer to question below!

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    • LoveLifeAndOthers
    • February 25, 2014

    i would say yes, sure go right ahead ONLY if:
    you plan on selling them for what they are worth,….they are mutts, nothing more, nothing less! so with vaccines and what not included in the selling fee– no more than 150$
    also i would suggest you not breed the female more than four times. actually i would quit after the third batch…anything after that is waaay to stressful for the mom and pups become unhealthy.
    and now think about how many poor dogs are being abanonded each day and being neglected….why not let people adopt those dogs that really need a home….why let a human buy a dog that came from a great family….the dogs in shelters are the ones that need good homes. i really wouldn’t continue, yes they are healthy but im not too keen on dog breeding for the purpose of mixing dogs….designer breeds are mutts and should not be a popular trend… its a dogs life..and there are many dogs out there that would kill to have a life!

    • Emily
    • February 25, 2014

    NO seriosuly don’t. Go to a shelter and see how many poor dogs there are without any home. we got out dog at a shelter cuz they were gonna put him to sleep in 1 day if no one took him so we did and he is the best dog i have ever had. He is such a sweet dog my grandma got him for me and she was picking me up in the car and my dog was in the car with her and the dog didn’t even know me and he jumped on me and started licking me then we went to mc.ds and he ate my ice cream cone. so i know that every dog that has no home has a purpose in life ad theirs isn’t too just die cause some ppl don’t care and breed dogs anyway when you can just go in the animal shelter and find a better and healthier one. i have no respect for ppl that breed dogs. if you had a heart then you wouldn’t do that to a poor dog and you would leave the animals be.

    There you go

    I didn’t mean to be mean or anything i just don’t have very much respect to ppl who do that stuff.



    • tough_mutts
    • February 25, 2014

    Ethically, I’d have to agree with the posted answers. While they’re adorable, most people can find the exact same type of dog in the shelters for less than $ 100.

    I know that a ‘designer dog’ can make a ‘breeder’ a lot of money, but I also know from my experiences as a trainer and canine rescue volunteer that the fads fade quickly, and they DO end up in shelters.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe it’s a good idea to breed any type of dog, unless you are breeding for a purpose (guide dogs, sled dogs, cattle dogs, etc) or to better or save a breed of existing dog (puli, kuvaz, shar pei, japanese chin, etc.)

    Best of luck to you, and I hope the other responses remain civil 🙂

    • believer
    • February 25, 2014

    The first guy is right. I have not seen anything but negative responses to breeding – no matter how “cute” the puppies are (and you are right – they are cute). But cute doesn’t stick when puppies get older (not always) and cute doesn’t make a well-behaved dog, and cute doesn’t mean that owners don’t get divorced and won’t take care of the dog, and cute doesn’t mean that someone won’t abuse it, and cute doesn’t mean that it won’t be aggressive.

    There are hundreds of thousands of equally cute puppies and dogs that have already been born that do NOT have homes. There are hundreds of thousands of puppies (!!) and dogs that are cute and are euthanized every day.

    Dogs and cats are now being euthanized in gas chambers – they pack them in there and it can take up to 20 minutes before they die. Ohhh – the thoughts of it just tears me up inside.

    Before you breed another litter I only ask/suggest this. Take a walk through the halls of your local animal shelter and see the number of cute dogs and puppies that don’t have homes. Ask your animal shelter – how many of those cute dogs/puppies that you just walked by will be dead by tomorrow. If you can leave – seeing and knowing that information – and still want to bring more lives into this world – then breed another litter. But if the sight breaks your heart, then – no matter how cute those designer puppies are – spay and neuter your pets.

    • Diane S
    • February 25, 2014

    Cute pups, but no you should not go on breeding them. For every one you breed one in a shelter will die. If that’s what you want go ahead. Just be aware that people who really love dogs if they want a mutt (which is all a designer dog is) will go to the pound and save a life. Those who buy so called “designer dogs” often tire of them after a while and they will end up in the pound too.. and often end up dead.

    Think very hard before you breed. By bringing even more dogs into the world you will also be taking as many out.

    I’m not being mean. Just stating rock solid facts.

    • LF
    • February 25, 2014

    Those are some cute puppies. Then again, all puppies are cute! I usually go to an animal shelter to adopt dogs. My pure bred American Eskimo was adopted from an animal shelter. I bring this dog up to show you that even full blown pure bred dogs end up in a shelter.
    I did purchase my Lab. from a breeder only because they were ready to take the last 4 puppies to the animal shelter. I paid $ 100 for an AKC Lab. Another example that even pure bred dogs end up in a shelter. The breeders tried talking me into breeding my puppy and I told them that there are already too many breeders in this world and she will be spayed soon.

    This is just some food for thought for you and your mother before you continue breeding these “Designer dogs”

    • iluvtorofl
    • February 25, 2014

    What breeds are the picture? They are peke and ?? pug, beagle? Very cute.

    Breeds are simply a human creation. In the wild all dogs decended from common ancestry and looked very much alike. Over time, humans interfered with their natural mating and begin to segregate and interbreed them to exagerate certain characteristics or defects. Pekingese dogs are basically the dog example of dwarfism. They have been bred, inbred, and interbred so long that they have become what they are today. You can take any breed and look at it’s history and see some human exploitation to make it what it is today.

    Many people squawk and howl about “mutts” or “mongrels”. The truth is that a dog is a dog is a dog. Any purebred simply has canine domesticus DNA the same as any cur on the street. The people who squawk and howl and whine are exploiting the natural instincts and health of dogs in order to make a profit selling purebreds. All purebreds are inbred. All purebred breeds have some sort of health defects within the breed because they have been soooo inbred for so many generations. It is a simple fact of life.

    So yes, if you want to mix breeds in order to make adorable puppies it is ok. There is no such thing as the doggie 10 commandments that says you can’t. If people whine about it, just realize that they are whining because they feel threatened by a loss of money for their wares. Ignore their ignorance and arrogance.

    And yes it is ok to breed purebreds too. There is no doggie ten commandments saying you cannot. Just remember that so much inbreeding is what has caused the breed diseases we see now.

    As long as you take good care of your pets you are doing fine. Love them. Treat them like pets not livestock. Feed them well and provide medical care. And yes it is ok to breed whatever breed you choose as long as you take care of them well.

    • Caninequeen101
    • February 25, 2014

    Hmmm…. hard question. Most people these days will ecnore your dogs, as people see them as mutts.(Sorry for this fact, i know it hurts).On the other hand to become pure breed a bunch people need to breed dogs like that for a number of years to help it become a real breed.
    Awe they are so cute, just make sure you know what your getting into. I would buy one.

    • miss_nickel
    • February 25, 2014

    i think calling them ‘designer dogs’ is the first problem. dogs with this name tend to be sought out by those looking for the latest trend, not those concerned with finding a great, healthy breed of dog who will they care for for a very long time.
    so basically your question is should i breed mutts. that is totally up to you… if you have great potential buyers than sure why not. but keep in mind how many mutts (and dogs in general) are living in shelters and being killed everyday.

    • boxmatch 02
    • February 25, 2014

    aww how cute. But honestly i don’t think alot of people will buy them even tho they are soo adorable.

    • flava_flaiv
    • February 25, 2014

    no thats evil…do you even know how to breed? haven you not heard of puppy mills where they breed dogs. they are held in horrible condition. also hvaing a female dog preganat over and over again is sooooo bad. the more babies they have the less they live. go adopt a dog at the pound, they need home. i cant belive you profoting of of the lives of living breathing creatures, which are innocent!!!!!!!

    • pink_lemur13
    • February 25, 2014

    As long as you find respectable homes for all of them. You really don’t want to see what happens when you don’t.

    • Monica
    • February 25, 2014

    You can breed one breed with another breed to get a designer dog. But you can not breed two designer dogs together. You will have no idea of how they will turn out health and temperament wise.

    You have very cute puppies.

    Only you can decide if you went to continue or to stop. We all can give you info. But in the end it is you who has to decide the outcome.

    • missbeckydee
    • February 25, 2014

    Sorry, I’ll bet they’re adorable, but please refrain from breeding designer dogs! Take a look at Petfinder and see how many homeless designer dogs there are. To some people they are just another fad that can be thrown out when they are older and “not as cute”. Please do not add to the number of homeless pets out there!

    • &l0ve;
    • February 25, 2014

    I say no, and I know almost everyone who answers will too.

    They arent “designer breeds” they are MUTTS. There are already enough mutts in shelters today!
    For every mutt you breed, another one in a shelter dies. If you want that on your concious .. then go ahead.

    Go to your local shelter and see all those poor dogs that cant find homes .. if you leave there .. and continue to breed more MUTTS .. then you seriously have no heart.

    So no, DONT continue.

    • Alex A
    • February 25, 2014

    well i dont know why not you should because i own one and i love her

    • Kit_kat
    • February 25, 2014

    yes even though everyone seems to be against it that’s really how these so called purebreds were “made”

    • Lauren
    • February 25, 2014

    They sure are cute, but I am very against designer breeds.

    Honestly, what is the point? Someone will pay hundreds of dollars for what is essentially a mixed breed. You could get that at a shelter.

    If you aren’t going to be breeding purebreds to better the breed, then I wouldn’t do it.

    People should go to shelters and adopt an animal that is deserving and needs a home. Thousands of animals are put down every year, and breeding these designer dogs is *not* helping.

    Sorry if I sound snippy, but really..it’s something to think about.

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