Training Tips For Your Boxer Puppy

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Boxer PuppiesThe sixth most popular breed in the United States is boxers because they are known to be the most intelligent and trustworthy. When owners get their , training should begin immediately. Despite their menacing appearances, this breed has some interesting traits making them simple to care for and family favorites.

#1: Know Your Breed’s Personality

The ideal time to begin training a is when they turn three weeks old. It is at this point that they begin to understand basic commands that will help make future training go more smoothly. In addition, owners will be able to develop training skills early on as well. A boxer is known for needing a lot of attention and they show a lot of faithfulness and love toward their masters.

Training Tip #2: Teach Them Socialization

Throughout the entire training process, boxers must receive balanced socialization skills. It is common for boxer puppies to love human contact, to fool around with other puppies, and to enjoy recreational activities. Be sure to integrate them into a training activity to make sure they grow up responsibly. A boxer does not like growing up as a loner.

A two-month-old fawn Boxer puppy.
A two-month-old fawn Boxer puppy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Training Tip #3: Develop an Exercise Routine

It is critical that boxers receive enough exercise no matter how old they are. When a boxer is being trained, this should include a regular exercise routine. This will keep your boxer agile, as well as help keep their energy levels maintained while they are no longer outside. Exercise routines can ranges from going for walks to tossing a Frisbee or a ball.

Training Tip #4: You Are the Master

When training your boxer, it is important that they know from the beginning that you are the master and that you are treated as such. This is especially important during training. You are the leader, you dominate when setting the rules, and you must not allow your boxer to overtake you. By adhering to these strict guidelines, you are making sure your boxer understands the behavior that is required of them and what is acceptable.

Training Tip #5: Use Rewards

When your boxer is doing well with the rules, praise them often and use positive reinforcement with rewards. This can be in the form of a toy, a favorite treat, or by giving them extra attention. Remember that if your boxer does not follow the rules, they should not receive the reward. Do not punish your boxer too excessively because it will cause this breed to become aggressive. The purpose of this system is to reward your boxer for their excellence.

Training Tip #6: Give Extra Attention

When time permits, spend as much extra time with your boxer as your schedule allows. This helps your boxer puppy understand that the relationship between the two of you is not all about training, and that you do love and care for them also. By keeping your puppy company, you will help them progress to their next level and they will not feel like they are neglected or unwanted.

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