Q&A: Information on teacup beagles…?

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Question by none: on …?
I want one for Christmas and I need information to show my parents that I have looked into it and everything… Information on their size, weight, height, etc.


Best answer:

Answer by UHave2BeKiddingMe
I have the link here to the only real pocket .

Free shipping and health guarantee


Here is some infromation about the -right from the breeders website!!

are expressive, playful and packed with personality. Just look into his multi-colored, light-up eyes – they’ll tell you whether or not he’s curious, sad or happy. He also expresses emotion through body language. He’ll respond to his mood by wagging his tail and moving his ears just like a real puppy.
reacts to their environment using a full array of senses including sound, sight and touch. Using the translator, you can find out what he’s “really thinking” when he barks, whines, or whimpers. There are 20 different emotions and statements he can communicate to his owner., They recognizes and loves to play with his ball and chomp on his bone.

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    • SBT lover - BSL hater
    • February 23, 2014

    You obviously haven’t looked into it very well then have you?

    Then is NO SUCH THING as a teacup anything. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever come across somebody asking for a teacup Beagle before.

    All a teacup anything is is a dog that has been bred to be tinier than acerage for the cuteness factor. What naive wannabe buyers like you don’t get is that these tiny dogs are chock full of health issues. They’re not SUPPOSED to be bred to be so tiny. You buy one of these over-priced sickly dogs and you will have to spend thousands on vet bills… and it probably won’t even live very long.

    Also, no reputable breeder (or shelter for that matter) will sell pups around the Xmas period because too many people buy them as impulsive gifts only to dump them after the festive period is over when their cute little bundle of fluff is no longer a novelty.

    ADD: TJ they are beautiful!

    • Stacey
    • February 23, 2014

    I am not sure what I find more disturbing. The fact that you think teacup beagles exist or that you are trying to show your parents you looked into it and yet you haven’t.

    • BYBs Care For Money Not Dogs
    • February 23, 2014

    Here is all the information you need:

    There is NO SUCH CRITTER.

    Beagles come in two sizes: 15″ and 13″.

    Anything else is a scam by a BYB.


    TJ… You made me SQUEEEE!!!! So CUTE!!

    • T J
    • February 23, 2014
    • Bonzie12
    • February 23, 2014

    You know there is no such thing as a teacup dog of any breed. It seems as though there is a plethora of people who are insistent on buying tiny puppies in the 2 to 4 pound range. Also commonly referred to as a “Teacup puppy”.

    The word “Teacup” has been used to merely describe the size of a puppy, meaning it is very small and will probably be under the standard size. Many breeders, while tacking a whooping price on a puppy, “claim” to breed so called “teacups” as if they were a breed all their own. Don’t be fooled! They are NOT a breed of their own.

    If a breeder says they specialize in “teacups” RUN, RUN, RUN for the hills! Most “TEACUP” puppies are in reality, a premature puppy.

    Some of the problems that may be encountered are both genetic and congenital in these tiny babies and the list is a long one.

    The risk of open fontanels (soft spot from the cranial bone not forming), portosystemic shunts (PSS- abnormal vessel that allows blood to bypass the liver. As a result the blood is not cleansed by one of the bodies filters: the liver.), hypoglycemia, cardiac problems, collapsing trachea, luxating patellas, Leggs Calves Perthes disease, seizures, hydroencephaly, blindness and digestive problems can be increased in these tiny babies.

    Problems such as respiratory problems can remain or worsen throughout their lives. These babies frequently are so fragile that they do not live more than a few years. PLEASE educate yourselves before buying a tiny puppy. You could be in for months or years of heartbreak not to mention staggering veterinarian bills!

    • Mel
    • February 23, 2014

    Okay, this is what I know

    Size-Teacup, runt size in particular…
    Weight-Underweight and usually incredibly light
    Height-Teacup height
    Health problems-Everything, since they’re teacup


    Before even CONSIDERING a dog, you need to do your research. Geez, I supposed you want a Unicorn, too?

    • Stop breeding GET A REAL JOB!
    • February 23, 2014

    there’s no such thing as a “teacup” beagle.

    There are 15″ and 13″ beagles.. that’s it. No “teacups” “toys” “minis” “pocket” or any other size exist. Those would be sickly runts bred by crappy breeders, or they would be mutts, not purebred beagles.

    If my child came to me with such nonsence about a dog breed that doesnt exist, I certainly would not get them one, they obviously cant even do proper research.

    • Calvin M' Boy!
    • February 23, 2014

    The only information you need to know are these:
    1) NEVER get a dog for Christmas, and
    2) Pocket Beagles are sickly, under bred dogs that will come with a certificate of sickness.
    Pocket Beagles don’t exist. Pocket, Teacup, etc etc.
    they’re all runts. Don’t fall into this scam, you’ll be sorry when your next vet bill comes rolling around.

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