Appr. how long does it take to potty train a beagle/schipperke mix?

Question by yaimeli m: Appr. how does it to a /schipperke mix?
We just recently brought home a bravely/schipperke puppy who is 5 months old. In the house where they had her, they did not her. She has been giving us a lot of problems to get potty trained. Does anyone have an idea how it might take us to potty train her? Any suggestions or ideas will help. Thanks so much.
She is a and schipperke mix. I don’t know why my phone put bravely.

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Answer by Steve Y
Your phone put “bravely” instead of “” probably for the same reason that Yahoo put your question in the RAILROAD section when it saw the word “train” – because it can’t think outside the box.

But, to answer your question, we had a similar problem with two 15-week-old pups. Depending on the amount of genuine effort you put in, it will probably take about as long to undo the problem as it did to create it i.e. in your case, about 5 months.

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