How can I escape bedbugs at a second hand store?

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Question by Smurfett: How can I at a ?
I volunteer at a store that accepts donations. These are sorted, then put out for the customers. We’ve had bags of roach infested come in (these were very quickly taken to the trash bins!) but with all the news about bedbugs, it’s only a matter of time before we run into some of those. How can we stay open? We live and die by our donations! Will bedbugs be the death of us?

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Answer by MI$TER GOD
The store needs to invest in a “Bed Bug” detector dog. They are usually trained “Beagles”, they go for 5 to 8 thousand dollars. Since second hand stores are basically there to help the community, agencies might donate or give a discount on a trained dog.

The store can ask to have donations be left outside the front door. Before the comes inside the store, you can take the store’s new “Mascot” outside to inspect the .

By advertising or just by word of mouth, it should increase sales. Due to the peace of mind “Billy the ” will bring to customers, knowing the they just purchased is bed bug free.

The store can put a little “Superman” cape on “(Insert Name) the Beagle”. It will attract many parents, so their kids can meet the beagle that keeps the store safe from bed bugs.

can be a blessing in disguise that will make the cash register ring more often.

Back to my work.

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