Bed-bug sniffing Bugsy to the rescue

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If you have a problem sleeping tight, Bugsy, a bed-bug beagle, may be able to find out what’s bugging you.

The dog is one of two specially trained dogs used by as part of its canine bed bug detection program.

However Bugsy doesn’t work alone. He is assisted by his handler Becca .

The pair not only work together, but they also live together.

said it’s always been her dream to work with dogs and being with Bugsy 24 hours a day is perfect.

“I love it,” she said about her job. “You get to meet a lot of interesting people.”

Before was hired for the job as a canine handler, she had no idea -sniffing dogs existed.

Bugsy, a light brown and white spotted beagle, was trained in bedbug detection in Florida. So when was hired more than a year ago she travelled to Florida to get Bugsy who was 11 months old at the time.

“He was trained right from the time he left his mom,” she said. “So (the dogs) are work ready when we get them.”

The pair then trained together for another two months before they began working because Bugsy had to prove that he knew what he was doing.

She said any dog can be trained to smell out bed bugs, but beagles are special because they are energetic and are bred to smell.

“He can work up to eight hours a day,” said.

Although she considers Bugsy her pet and loves spending time with him, he is first and foremost a working dog.

“Every piece of food that he gets, he has to work for,” said.

After more than a year of working together, the pair have their daily routine.

said they are kept busy because bed bug sniffing dogs are rare in the province.

“It’s never boring,” she said of the work.

She said her first time on the job was scary, but she put her trust in Bugsy.

The dog did not let or his company down, and as long as he is able to perform he will always have a job.

Alfie Kiernan, owner of , said the dogs are essential for the treatment of bedbugs because the animals are trained to sniff out live bedbugs and viable eggs.

He said the dogs are vital to his business and are tested every two weeks to ensure they have at least a 95 per cent accuracy.

In addition, Bugsy and have to be recertified as a team every two years by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.

Since the bus ines s launched three years ago, Kiernan said they have retired

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