How to Take Care of Your Dog during the Cold Spell

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How to Take Care of Your during the Cold Spell

The has been mild this winter but it’s not been pleasant for dogs or their owners. With the wind and the rain the daily walks have become more of a daily mud bath! With the risk of a cold spell on the horizon, and no lapse in the wet weather, your is probably feeling as glum as you are. You can help by taking extra care of your dog and tending to his needs based on the weather you’re experiencing with these simple tips.

Don’t Leave Your Outside for Long Periods of Time

If your dog usually spends most of his time outside in the garden you need to remember to bring him in during bad weather. Your dog gets cold and wet just like you do, so don’t expect him to be happy or in the best if you leave him outdoors for hours at a time. Allow him indoors, especially in storms and very so he remains calm, safe and in good health.

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Consider the Use of a Dog Coat

Consider giving him a coat to wear when you have to leave your dog outside for any length of time. While many dogs don’t usually need a coat it is a good idea to provide certain dog breeds an extra layer of warmth, such as greyhounds and whippets, dogs with thin coats and bald patches due to skin conditions, and very small dogs. Choose a dog coat that’s the right size and which is designed to avoid overheating.  All dogs should be provided with a coat if they are being put out in freezing temperatures for long periods of time even if they have nice thick, healthy coats.

Watch Out for

Antifreeze is a killer and it can easily be found on the roads where it has been spilt or leaked from the car’s radiator. Some antifreeze is sweet to the taste and can seem like a treat to the unsuspecting dog (or cat).  The problem is even small doses can end in death so you must keep an eye on what your dog is drinking or licking when you go out for a walk. Make an emergency appointment with the vet if you notice your begins to act sluggish, appears to be drunk or starts convulsing.

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Clean Away Impurities

Salt and grit is harmful to pets, including dogs. The salt can irritate the paws and cause health problems if the dog licks it. Therefore it’s important to clean your dog’s paws after walks when you know the road has been gritted or when there is ice and snow on the paths and roads. Be careful not to let him drink from any puddles or eat the snow too, just to be on the safe side. Find a shampoo that’s suitable for your dog at The Animal Health Company. You can also help your dog by trimming the hair between his pads carefully; this helps to stop salt getting trapped and hidden in his paws.

The author is a full time dog behaviourist and a freelance blogger. She has been sharing advice and information on her blog and social networks for the past five years. Follow her work online, she is a regular contributor to many pet care websites and pet publications all over the world.

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