Are You Ready for a Dog?

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Are You Ready for a ?

It’s very easy to get broody for a new , but rushing into buying a dog can be a huge mistake. It’s vital that you take the time to work out if you can provide a dog with the care and attention they need. Dog is a long commitment and it’s expensive so you should take your time, discuss the idea with your entire family and work out if you really are ready to welcome a dog into your home. If you’re considering buying a dog ask yourself the following questions:

Can I Afford a Dog?

The cost of buying a dog is not the only financial consideration. You will need to pay for his food, his injections and any veterinary fees, flea, ticks and worm prevention, dog insurance as well as any extras such as harnesses, coats, beds, leashes and collars as he grows. According to the Kennel Club a dog can cost approximately £25 per week, can you really afford that for the next 12 to 15 years?

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Do I Have Time to Exercise My Dog?

A dog needs to be walked twice a day at least, do you really have the time and the energy to ensure you dog gets the exercise it needs? If you already enjoy walks out or are active the addition of a dog could be a wonderful thing, but if you prefer to sit on the couch and don’t think you’d be happy walking in all-weather it might be kinder to let the go to an alternative home.

Is Your Home Left Empty for Most of the Day?

Dogs like company and they can become stressed or anxious if left alone for long periods of time. It’s important that someone will be home during the day and evening to avoid possible behaviour issues. If no one is home for an entire day you could hire someone to come and spend time with your dog and walk him, but can you afford this extra expense on top of everything else?

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Is Your Home Going to Provide the Dog with Enough Space?

It’s important to consider the size of your home when buying a dog. Do you have access to a secure outdoor space and is there room in your home for a large dog? Even small dogs need to run around so think about the space you have before making your decision.

If you’re sure you can afford a dog and that you have the space and the time to commit to your the next step is to investigate what breed would suit you and your family. If you’ve never owned a dog before it’s sensible to choose a dog with a great temperament such as a Beagle. Always buy from a responsible breeder and visit the Beagle Puppy for sale before you make your final decision. Ask the breeder to give you advice on how to care for your Beagle and explain your home life to see if they think you would be a great owner for the Beagle.

The author is a freelance blogger specialising in care, behaviour and training. She has three dogs of her own and uses her experience working in a kennels to provide owners with sensible advice. Her work has been published on hundreds of blogs and she is currently working on her first pet care eBook.

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