Q&A: Wat types of beagles are there?

Question by Maxx: Wat of are ?
my is 16″ goin on 17″ tall is that a harrier? or is he jus a normal beagle with a rare hieght

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Answer by Emilly
Different Types Of Beagle Exist Through The Years
It is a common misconception that a Beagle is a Beagle is a Beagle and the fact remains there are a few different types of Beagle, including one dating back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I, known as a pocket Beagle.

They typically grew to about nine inches at the shoulder with shorter legs and pointed snouts, according to paintings of era that included pets. During the days of Henry VIII, even smaller types of Beagle, called a glove Beagle grew to about the size of a gauntlet, the metal hand covering of a suit of armor. was very popular with the Royal families of the time.

Today there are very few that stop growing at about 10 inches, but dogs of size are not recognized by the as a breed. This shortness of these types of Beagle is considered to be caused by poor breeding or shortened legs, or dwarfing caused by chondodystrophy.

Another of the types of Beagle is called a patch Beagle, mainly due to its coloring, which began in a breeding in about 1880. Today, many people refer to a Beagle with lemon and white, or red and white coloring as patch . They were primarily bred to be extremely fast runners to be used in hunting. With a white-colored background with very large tri-color areas, these patch were known for their running skills.

Colors Vary Among Same Breed Animals
The color combination most people think of when thinking of the different types of Beagle is black, tan and white. Typically they will also have a black saddle marking with a spotting pattern on the legs, face neck and on the tip of its tail. Blue tick, or Red tick hounds have heavy speckling of its colors, referred to as ticking, with the ticking running throughout its coat, sometimes called mottled.

The will accept any hound color as acceptable, which includes all shade and combinations of colors of white, or cream, black, tan, lemon, brown, blue or red. Different colors do not determine the breed or the different types of Beagle.

There are two main breeds recognized today as the 13 inch, which includes up to 131 inches at the shoulder. The 15-inch breed, which are Beagles between 13 and 15 inches at the shoulder. It is rare for a Beagle to grow over 15 inches tall and no breeder can guarantee the maximum size of a Beagle puppy, but by about nine months they will have reached their adult size.

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