Common English Bulldog Allergies

Clyde, the english bulldog puppy
Clyde, the puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English Bulldogs are particularly popular in , however few may know about just how many allergies these dogs can suffer from. In this guide we look at the main , and what you can do should you find that your English Bulldog is suffering.


of propensity towards number of allergies, it's important to continually check your English Bulldog for the following symptoms:

  • Inflamed, red skin that can be puss filled (known as 'hot spots, and 'moist dermatitis').
  • Hives, bumps and raises on the skin.
  • Constant itching (you should check for fleas in the first instance).
  • Continually swollen, red and/or watering eyes.
  • Chronic ear infections that see your dog howling or scratching ears.
  • Continual paw licking.
  • Face rubbing on pieces of furniture and/or carpets.
  • continually bad smell despite baths (this can be a sign of a yeast infection).
  • Cysts in-between toes
The house dust mite, its feces and chitin are ...
Dust mite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Types of allergies


The most cause of allergy is the environment (which is true for humans too); factors such as dust mites, flowers and grass can all commonly cause wide range of symptoms in English Bulldogs. For these types of allergies you should speak to your vet about medication, as there is no way of ridding them from your house completely (although regular vacuuming will help).


Pollen from a variety of common plants: sunflo...
Pollen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food allergies are extremely difficult to identify and will most likely only come about following your dog having already consumed the food in question. If you suspect that your dog has it is important to start a food diary, detailing anything that they've eaten, and when and what symptoms arise. In the most severe of instances, it may be that you have to put your dog on either a raw or home cooked diet.

A good diet also serves as a reliever for many allergies, and helps bodies regulate the allergy fighting process. To ensure that your dog has the best diet possible, ask you vet for advice; this will ensure that you don't fall for the marketing ploys of dog food manufacturers (whose food may actually be detrimental to your dog and its allergies). Pet-insurance is often available to cover such check-up expenses.

Contact Allergies

English: English Bulldog with characteristic u...
English: English Bulldog with characteristic underbite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contact allergies are actually considered to be under the 'environment allergies' umbrella; however these allergies are differentiated by the fact that they come about by direct skin contact. Symptoms may arise from grass, bushes, blankets, bowls, beds, toys and even own bed. If your dog seems to be suffering from a skin allergy and may be having sudden bouts of hives or itching then think about whether you've purchased any new items recently.

Whatever allergy your English Bulldog may be suffering from there is almost always a cure; if you suspect that your dog may be suffering then ensure that you've taken as much detail as possible as this will help your vet in identifying what the problem is and what the possible treatments are. You may also like to bear in mind that very often there is more than one treatment available, and so if you're not happy with the solution that is first presented, you should ask your vet if there are any alternative options.

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