Dog Bite Prevention Week

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Updated: May 20, 2011, 3 a.m. EDT

dog wait for mailmanKnowing the cause of your dog’s aggression is key to correcting it.

comes to a close this weekend. We hope you have enjoyed the tips and information on responsible pet ownership. Check back daily for the latest news.

Updated 5/20/2011*:

*Doggone Safe
Doggone Safe, a nonprofit that educates kids about , made plans to teach 50,000 children about dog safety to mark Dog Prevention . More>> 

*How to Help an Aggressive Dog
Knowing the cause of your dog’s behavior problem is key to correcting it. More>>

Did You Know?
Approximately two-thirds of bites occur on or near the victim’s property, and most victims knew the dog.

Nip Play Biting in the Bud
Our expert trainer explains a fun and effective way to stop your dog from playing biting. More>>

Danger With Unfamiliar
Not every dog is man’s best friend. Be sure that you know how to act around unfamiliar dogs. More>>

Did You Know?
The document that a chained dog is 2.8 times more likely to than an unchained dog.

A Game the Whole Family Can Play
Involving your children in your dog’s training reduces the chances of dog-bites-kid. More>>

My Boxer Mix Guards His Food
It’s possible to train an adult dog not to be food aggressive, but it takes work. More>>

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