My Beagle has a serious barking problem! (big surprise, right?)?

Question by psycjguy: My has a ! (big , ?)?
I have a two year old 15 inch beagle. He barks like its going out of style. He barks at everything and I have done my best to minimize this behavior. I have tried obedience training, , static collars, I even had the debarking surgery done to him twice, and he still barks like mad. All the surgery did was give his bark a high pitch sound and it doesn’t carry as far. I don’t expect the dog be silent, I want him to bark, but its a problem when the neighbors complain and the police get involved.
Anyway, I actually had two dogs but one passed away unexpectedly two months ago. I didn’t want to get another dog but I was wondering if I should get my beagle a friend to help with boredom. I should add that he barked a lot when we had the other dog too. Does having two dogs better than one. I have plenty of space to accommodate two dogs, but I don’t want to make the problem any worse. Any help, thanks!

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Answer by Bob
the term “Beagle” is the sound they make when they howl as they often do. Two Beagles equals twice the noise. Don’t waste your money.

This often happens when someone buys a cute puppy impulsively without first doing the necessary research into the breed..

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