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CaptureThis review is about JewelryKeepsakes.com, a site with some wonderful to memorialize your .

As I'm sure you are aware, the universe has played a very nasty trick on us pet lovers. Our lifespans, and the lifespan of our , are not in sync – sometimes not even close. It's something we know and learn to deal with, but it can certainly be difficult – especially when someone loses that very special pet that is seen as being irreplaceable.

I know all this from experience.  I lost a “ of a lifetime” during the summer of 2013 – my border collie cross, Keiko.

Recently, I ordered a keepsake from Jewelry Keepsakes that really seemed to mesh with my memories of Keiko. I wanted to share my memories with my wife (who loved Keiko as much as I), so I pick out a silver heart urn pendant engraved with “Paw Print Forever in my Heart”. It was perfect. You can see a screen capture from their website on the right.

What's Included

Here is what I received in the mail a few days later:

Jewelry Keepsakes Urn Pendant

As you can see, it's a complete package with everything you need to do it right – the keepsake, a small funnel to fill your urn pendant with ashes, and some super glue to seal the pendant when you're finished, and of course instructions. Here's a closeup of the kit:
Keepsake Pendant Kit
And the pendant itself (sorry, my camera didn't do it justice):
Keepsake Urn Pendant
Filling the pendant was a cinch. The pendant I selected opens by twisting the upper stem. Once open, using the included funnel (it's pretty small) was very easy. I had Keiko's name engraved on the reverse, which really completed the keepsake.
My wife thought the pendant was very pretty (I think “sweet” was the first thing she said), and wanted to wear it right away.
Overall, my experience with JewelryKeepsakes.com was exceptional, and I would give them 5 out of 5 stars if I had a rating system like that.

The Website

Of course, you may have something different in mind as a way to remember your pet. Don't worry, because Jewelry Keepsakes has many other designs and styles to choose from. Their selection includes keepsakes intended for horses, ,, cats, rabbits, and turtles, plus a few generic pieces that could be used for other pets.

Of course, my interest was in dog keepsakes, so that was my focus when visiting the site. After scrolling back and forth between 3 pages of possibilities, I finally settled on the “Paw Print Forever” piece. I have to admit it was a very emotional experience – trying to choose from all those wonderful keepsakes and “remembering” my favorite lost pet at the same time.

I should also mention that Jewelry Keepsakes is not just a pet jewelry site. They also have a huge selection of jewelry keepsakes for remembering loved ones, relatives, and friends; special occasion jewelry, and other jewelry accessories. Here's a few helpful links for you to check out.

All Pet Cremation Jewelry – Mostly dogs and cats, but several pieces for other types of pets

Customer Testimonials – Dozens of pages of very satisfied customers

Cremation Jewelry FAQ's – Pretty much answers any questions you might have

Jewelry Keepsakes on Pinterest – See great closeups of their keepsakes

Final Thoughts

If you want a very special way to remember your pet, I definitely recommend you check out Jewelry Keepsakes. Not everyone will want to go down this path, but if you like the idea of a keeping a memory of your pet, this is a great solution to keep in mind.

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