camera used to film [adult swim]’s Check It Out?

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Question by americanBEAGLE .: used to film [ swim]’s It Out?
anyone that watches the show would know what i’m talking about. the grainy, VHS, 80’s television look. what kind of do they use? or what kind of system do they use to process it through to look like that? it’s a really interesting composition. if you don’t know what i’m talking about try looking it up on YouTube or i’ve been trying to find out for a really long time now.

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Answer by Dennis C
Hi Ms.”” and welcome to Yahoo!Answers:

First, you asked Question twice in the same Category today, and your first Question you posted 3 times in Diet & Fitness earlier this morning. Please just ask a Question once, and wait patiently for the Answers to be posted. The normal Q&A period is 4 days (you have the option to extend it, if you get no responses or wish to see if more Answers get posted).

As far as [ swim]’s “Check It Out with Dr. ”, it’s intentionally made to look like a classic 80’s “ channel” show (I used to produce & volunteer-crew many of these back then!).

Some of the “dated” look is accomplished using low-rez graphics/fonts & early character-generator style “supers” (titles superimposed on the lower-third). The shadow-boxed fonts and the jaggy-font program slates & “coming up on channel 5” schedules are intentionally made to look cheezy & low-budget. The interview set is like many of the era (and just like some I still see on shows today!).

As far as cameras, I imagine modern studio cameras are used (sometimes intentionally mis-focused) with a normal -switcher, and the studio lighting is responsible for a lot of the “look”. The color saturation & graininess can be added in “post”/editing or intentionally set-up ahead of time (e.g., camera gains set “high” to add noise & grain; hue/chroma & gamma set “way off”).

The most common cameras of the era (in low-budget cable studios) though were 3-tube (no CCDs) JVC model KY-2000’s. When the 3-tube optics weren’t perfectly converged (and maintained) they would yield that slight red & green color smear you see in high-contrast edges (like the American flag shots). Again, this effect could be intentionally done in post-production with RGB “delay lines”.

The tape decks used in cable-access shows were the U-Matic (Sony, Panasonic, & JVC) 3/4″ cassette recorders (just a bit better quality than the later 1/2″ VHS cassettes). Setting a modern edit program for a lower screen resolution, introducing some signal “noise” & dubbing-up to full-screen resolution would simulate using an older tape deck. Color saturation/gamma and other image settings are easily changed in the edit session to look like older footage.

hope this helps,
–Dennis C.

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