Are Beagles good dogs?

Question by Trying to Soar: Are ?
How are they with kids and family members? How are they on shedding, smell and digging? How much does it usually cost to own a (not to different from any other dog, i know) and how much do they eat? I just want to know, I am a junior in highschool and I want to get a my senior year. I need to know how much room they need, is a 2 bedroom apartment w/ dog walking available enough room, or do they need bigger house to a yard? I can walk him/her 3 times a day and go for runs...they will be spoiled rotten!
Anyway, any info, stories about your beagle, pros and cons, and anything I didnt list would be so helpful and I would be very greatful!
Thanks everyone SO FAR! ?
Everyone gets a thumbs up for answering, unless its stupid, but thanks anyway.
I do plan on 3 a day, morning, noon, and night.
A run will happen probley after work, and I plan on taking him/her to dog parks and the beach in our local area.
I have a promise ring and I am making plans for life after senior year now, because next year will be all about getting into college. I plan on living in the Ft. Myers area of FL and I know a apartment duplex that has a HUGE pond that you can run around, lots of grassy areas and some hills and trees of all sorts.

How do they get along with other dogs? I have a 4 yr old Westie named Lizzie who gets along with other quiet well. If I get a puppy it will love her just the same.
DONT worry this puppy will come from a breeder or shelter. I dont mind what age just want a beagle!

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are great dogs, but their nose leads them. They are real with kids, but can have a stubborn side, too. Before you invest your money into one, do research about the breed and make sure you have enough in savings for obedience classes, spay/neuter and any emergency that may come up along with vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

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