Q&A: Why do people say there is no such thing as mini beagles?

Question by Molly: Why do say is no as ?
I have 3 Registered female beagles and say there is no . They say there is only regular. Some say it’s a toy or a pocket. I have never heard of toy beagles. I have a teacup, pocket, glove and Queen Elizibith beagles. All show dogs and registered!!!!!!! If your gonna say something against keep your comment to your dang self!!!!

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Answer by BYBs and Crazies rule DS
If the dogs are registered, they are registered as Beagles. That’s it. Beagles have two in ring size designations. 13″ and under and 13″-15″ (called 15″). That’s it. There is no such as toy, pocket, Miniature, queen elizabeth, or any other nonsense.

There is no possible way you are showing conformation in the AKC if you are registering your dogs in a “mini ” ring.

Edit: Considering that 19 hours ago, you *wanted* a “mini Beagle” and that 3 days ago you had two dogs – an “English” Labrador and a “British” Labrador, I don’t buy this question for a second. Nice try.

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