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Tip of the day: Finding a Dog facility that is well maintained and doesn't reek of odors will ensure that your boarding time is as comfortable as possible.

Boarding is an especially difficult time for a dog because they are completely separated from their owners and normal environment. Adding in the fact that many boarding services take on many dogs at once, your may see humans only during feeding times each day in certain facilities!

While going on vacation, attending work meetings, and visiting family often means that the pets are sent to a boarding facility, pet parents should consider certain elements of a boarding facility before considering it an option for their . These include number of dogs at one time, of the facility, sensibility of the owners, frequency of visits, and outdoor runs.


Dogs are definitely not the cleanest creatures in the world, however that doesn't mean that a boarding facility should smell like feces and urine. While an occasional mess may make the place smell, anything overpowering or putrid often means that the facilities are not cleaned frequently. This lack of care often means that the pet also receives infrequent visits. Finding a facility that is well maintained and doesn't reek of odors will ensure that your pets boarding time is as comfortable as possible.


Meeting with the owners and caretakers of the facility is absolutely essential. Bring in your pets ahead of time to meet with them and see how they interact with the animals. This will let your pet decide who they get along with, and will ensure that your pet is not intimidated or fearful during their stay. Always trust your pet in this situation! In an ideal boarding facility, your pet should warm up to their caretakers and be comfortable as possible while their owners are away!

While meeting with the owners, they should definitely ask you about your pet's shots, training, and more. If your pet had dog training in Los Angeles or any other area, then you should let the owners know what commands work for your pet and they will make a notation. If they don't ask you certain questions, especially about vaccinations for your pet, then you could be exposing your dog to a number of other animals that are not up to medical standards!

Frequency of Visits

Your pet will miss you terribly while you are away, however being in a boarding facility doesn't mean they are lonely. A quality boarding facility will have a caretaker visit the animals multiple times a day, play with each pet, and also make sure they are well groomed. This may mean that the boarding facility costs a bit more than others, but it is well worth it to have your pet kept calm and happy while you are away!

Outdoor Runs

In an ideal boarding facility, your pet should have a run where they can enjoy the outdoors and exercise while you are away. These runs can be separate for each pet, or they can be a large run where the caretaker takes a dog out at a time. Make sure, however, to ask about tick checks for when pets get back inside as being outdoors exposes them to fleas, ticks, and other pests!

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