A Mini-Guide To Having Australian Shepherds As A Pet

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Australian Shepherd PuppiesTip of the day: Leadership is the foundation of training – Dog training relies on the presence of one pack leader. A dog lover who assumes the role of pack leader will have successful training sessions. Small Dog Breeds.

Australian Shepherds, commonly known as an “Aussie”, are enthusiastic and smart dogs. The Australian is medium in size and is slightly longer in body length than in height. The Aussies head should be proportionate with the body, muzzle is slightly smaller than the back of his skull and his teeth should have a level bite. An Australian Shepherds legs are perpendicular to the ground and straight, the typically should not be any longer than four inches and the coat is medium in length, but can vary depending on the climate.

The color of an Aussie is typically a solid red and may or may not have white markings. The eyes are oval shaped and can be brown, blue or amber with various color flecks. The actually reigns from the Pyrenean Mountains located between Spain and and gets the name due to being associated with herding ranches throughout Australia. The Aussie is often referred to as a Bob-tail, New Mexican herder, Pastor Dog, California Shepherd and a Blue Heeler.

Dusty and Tucker Australian Shepherds
Dusty and Tucker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Aussie maintains his puppy-like characteristics throughout his adult life. They are very easy going, great with children, affectionate, caring, agile and love to play. They are highly intelligent animals and easy to train. This type of dog does require physical as well as mental exercise to prevent boredom. If the Aussie becomes bored, they be slightly problematic. This type of dog does not do well when left alone, because they tend to get nervous as well as destructive. They require socialization and cannot accept strangers unless they are continually exposed to human contact. Aussies are very courageous and make excellent watchdogs.

Living Conditions

An Australian Shepherd is a moderately active dog and requires plenty of room to run and play. They do not typically do well in an apartment, because of the closed in space that limits their play.

Australian Sheppherd
Australian Sheppherd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This type of dog is actually very easy to groom. They require regular brushing with a firm brush to remove any matting and loose hairs. Bathing should be done only when necessary and use only a mild soap designed for dogs. A conditioner should be used to help maintain the shine and moisture of the coat. It is recommended that the teeth be brushed regularly to prevent dental problems, which can lead to other health problems.

Health Issues

There are several health issues that an Australian Shepherd can suffer with. It is extremely important to have the puppy thoroughly examined and have routine vet exams throughout his life. Some of the health issues may include blindness, deafness and/or epilepsy. Natural breeding among the Bobtails can also result in serious spinal defects. However, if the dog is provided with routine examinations, recommended shots and cared for appropriately, there is only a slight risk of health problems with the Australian Shepherds.

It is highly recommended that if you are interested in having an Australian Shepherd as a family pet, that you get the dog as a puppy, not in adulthood. Having them from puppies makes it much easier to train them to blend with the family. They are somewhat of a routine dog, in that if you get them in adulthood, the dog will already have accustomed his life to his first family. During the night, to prevent the risk of him damaging furnishings out of boredom, it is also best to have an area specifically for the dog and he should have to keep him busy during the nighttime, such as toys and/or a blanket.

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