Pros & Cons Of Dry Vs Wet Dog Food

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As a caring owner, you obviously want to try and feed your pet the best and most helpful type of dog food. One of the basic decisions that needs to be made is versus food, at least in general terms. This is important because good and longevity of your dog can begin with good . Not only that, but each manufacturer has a number of different claims and price points. With all of this in mind, how does dry and wet compare?

Dry Dog Food Advantages:

Dry dog food does help to promote overall dental health and can prevent cavities. This is actually almost the equivalent of a dog brushing their teeth, especially considering the fact that dry food does help to remove tartar. For you as the dog owner, this type of food is easier to store and prepare for feeding. It is also much more energy dense and typically is offered at a lower cost. Not only that, but it is also easier to measure and provide the proper portions for your dog.

Dry dog food is also ideal for puppies. Veterinarians say that this can help them develop jaw strength. Even puppies who do not like chew toys can benefit, since it will teach them to slow down and chew their food properly.

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Dry Dog Food Disadvantages:

It is also quite possible the dry dog food can have a lower level of palatability than wet food. One of the reasons for this is that it often contains more grains. Not only that, but this type of food is more likely to contain preservatives so that it can last longer.

Having said all of that, it is still quite clear that dry dog food offers more benefits than downfalls. Your dog will most likely be healthier and develop better eating and chewing habits as a result. Plus, your dog can start to eat it and then return later without you having to worry about whether or not it went bad.

Wet Dog Food Advantages:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of wet (or canned) food is that your dog will like the taste a lot more. This is because the manufacturers actually add in tempting fats, gravy, and a number of other flavorings. Even you will be able to notice a difference upon opening a can and getting a hint of the aroma. The texture and ‘mouth feel‘ is also a big advantage for many .

The nutrient make-up of wet dog food is also quite different than that of dry. They will very often contain more protein, but also more fat. Not only this, but because of factors like texture and taste, you will find that it is easier for your dog to eat.

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Dog Food Display (Photo credit: D H Wright)

Wet Dog Food Disadvantages:

While a small dog could probably do alright on an exclusively wet food diet, a larger dog will probably have trouble meeting their energy needs on this type of diet. Not to mention the fact that this type of diet can be quite expensive- and it is bulky storing all those cans.

Due to the addition of extra fats and additives, a wet diet can contribute to a dog overeating. Not to mention that it does not confer any dental benefits. It will have a tendency to contribute to your dog gaining weight. Also, if you are not careful, this type of food can spoil. You never want to leave it out for very long as well since, unlike dry food, it can go bad just sitting in 's bowl out in the open.

Whether its dry or wet food, choosing natural pet food is the best for your pet.

Written by Kira Garrett, marketing and PR specialist at Sojos.

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