Q&A: Morality without religion?

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In 1831 took a second trip on the HMS to South America and various other places. In his Journal he describes how, on, the archipelago of , the native “Fuegians” practice cannibalism. They ate members of other tribes when they were at war, and they also choked their own women and then ate them.

“…it is certainly true, that when pressed in winter by hunger they kill and devour their old women before they kill their dogs: the boy, being asked by Mr. Low why they did , answered, “Doggies catch otters, old women no.”

boy described the manner in which they are killed by being held over smoke and thus choked; he imitated their screams as a joke, and described the parts of their bodies which are considered best to eat.

Horrid as such a death by the hands of their friends and relatives must be, the fears of the old women, when hunger begins to press, are more painful to think of; we were told that they then often run away into the mountains, but that they are pursued by the men and brought back to the slaughter-house at their own firesides!”

The Voyage of the Beagle (Chapter 10, Tierra del Fuego)

The ironic part about this “horrid” act, is that Darwin was describing an aspect of Darwinism! The Fuegians would eat the older women first, and the dogs last. Why? Survival of the fittest. The old women were useless compared to the dogs, because they could not catch any food, so the natives decided there was no use in keeping them around.

is a perfect example of slippery slope of atheist .

Atheists are always talking about how society doesn’t need to have morality, that people would create some utopia if only they could get rid of religion. Well, these Fuegians didn’t have religion, and they were Darwinist cannibals.

My question: They were atheists, but they created barbaric practices. Why? They obviously didn’t need to be bad.

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Answer by Jamie
makes no sense. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheist….all groups have the same barbaric practices in commion. It is not so simple to base a persons actions or on their spiritual beliefs. In Fiji there exist cannabilistic tribes to this day. It is their belief that they capture another mans strength by eating his flesh…this is no?
I have never heard an atheis claim that a utopia would be created by an absence of religion, just that religious idealism would no longer hinder society and scientific progress.

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