Is there such breed as “SNOOPY BEAGLE”?

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Question by : Is such as “SNOOPY ”?
my brother got a from a breeder 10 years ago and they said SPUNKY,the beagle was a snoopy beagle and now 10 years later my brother is 21 and he is getting depressed becous SPUNKY ran away OR waas stolen we are in URUGUAY and we cant describle him is the only pic on the internet
they said snoopy was their cute term they said the normal way was “LEMON BEAGLE” its that our spunky had papers AND his jowls werent so HUGE and his face was longer than the others of his litter this was 13 years ago

Best answer:

No, just another BYB scam to try to make a few extra bucks. Only 2 varieties of Beagle (or 1 depending on the kennel club you are under) 13″ and 15″

Edit: not not a term like lemon which describes a color. If they were saying he was a lemon Beagle he is not. The Beagle in the picture you provided is a tri-color Beagle. The last Beagle on the page here is a lemon. Based on your description sounds like he was just your average BYB (aka poorly bred) Beagle.

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