All possible golden retriever mixes? (pictures please!)?

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by wader

Question by ?: All mixes? (pictures !)?
My cosin really wants a but they are just too large for her flat. Are there any mixed goldens that look just like goldens but a smaller size? Like- I don't /chihuahua – but that doesnt look like a golden. Obviously not exactly like a golden but simmilar, colours dont matter, just attitude and those deep brown eyes…

I would really appreciate pictures!
Thank-you so much all of you!

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Answer by Casey L.
Reputable breeders do not breed mutts. Your sister can go on Petfinder and look for mixes for adoption if she does not mind not knowing the 's history and knows that there may be health problems later on (there's a higher risk with any poorly bred dog and mutts are always poorly bred).

She can contact the if she wants to go the breeder route. Tollers are usually around 20 lbs lighter than Goldens and are just as athletic (they lots of exercise, such as walks/jogs than span several miles).

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