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Itching and Scratching Before and After

Itching and in can be a a nightmare for owners. It can drive owners up crazy, keeping them up all night in some cases. Just imagine how much the must be suffering. Constant itching and scratching, biting and licking – leading to a bad situation if not addressed at the earliest.

If your dog is constantly itching and scratching, it is your job to find the cause of the itch. And, this can be quite difficult.

Chronic/Severe Itching

If your dog is experiencing very intense itching, one very common possibility could be mange or , which lead to crusty and scab-like skin. Of course, you need to verify the symptoms and diagnosis with your vet, but if your dog truly does have mites, it’s imperative to fix the situation ASAP.

Product Group 1

Enter, who provides several interesting and helpful and treatments for dogs. Their signature product, Mite Avenge, is specifically geared toward treating mange mite infestations. And, as is reflected in the name of the company – it is a completely natural treatment.

As you can see in the before and after images above, the treatment is very effective. Safe too. Here’s what some customers had to say…

“…has been a week since his last treatment, and his hair is almost completely grown back!”

“Your product worked so fast. Now you can barely tell she was so bad off.”

“Count us in as happy customers. Your product worked when nothing else did.”

And the kudos go on and on. Just take a peek at testimonials page and you’ll find dozens of satisfied customers. All I can say is, if any of my dogs start to exhibit sever itching and scratching symptoms, I’ll know exactly where to turn!

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