Poodle 101: Poodle Rescues, How To Find Poodle Rescues

by Lisa A Collins

One of the disadvantages of going to your local shelter to adopt a is that you wind up getting emotionally overwhelmed. How can you pick from all of those with death sentences hanging around their necks? And will you be able to get along with the dog you adopt, so they don't have to come back to this place? Even the best of dog lovers can find going to a local animal shelter traumatic.

But if you have room in your and in your heart for a dog, please do your research for what size and breed of dog you would like. Poodles are intelligent and require a lot of grooming but are loving pets. They come in three official sizes, Standard, Miniature and Toy. The so-called Teacup is not recommended for anyone, as these are usually very unhealthy dogs. Because of their popularity, Poodles rescue groups can be found in most states.

They take the time to get to know the dog's likes and dislikes. This is impossible in the harried and crowded environment of an all-pet animal shelter. Finding a Poodle rescue group has never been easier.

When you contact a Poodle rescue group online, there will be an initial long application to fill out, which will also ask for personal references and quiz you on your current store of Poodle information.

But the easiest way to find a good Poodle rescue group is to go online. You can go to Petfinder.com or 1-800-Save-A-Pet.com to find pets of all breeds and species that need a home in your area. Perhaps there are other dogs that catch your eye that are in desperate need of a loving home. But considering how popular Poodles are, the odds of you finding a number of Poodles up for adoption near you is very high.

You can find Poodles closer to your home by entering your zip code into any box that asks you for it. Even if you find a Poodle rescue group in your state, they will not want to subject one of their dogs to a six-hour car ride if you live on the other side of the state. Check neighboring states or state you are close to the border of to see if a closer Poodle rescue group might be elsewhere.

Most Poodle rescues will have all sizes and Poodle-mixes (such as Cockapoos or Pekeapoos) but will not have so-called Teacup Poodles. Generally, the smaller the Poodle, the sicklier it will be.

Poodle rescue groups tend to prefer people with past Poodle experience and a fenced-in yard. They also prefer people who don't mind an older dog (one past seven years of age). Since Poodles average about sixteen years of age, seven isn't so old. You will most likely have your home checked by a volunteer for the Poodle rescue group. You also will most likely have to provide all transportation as well.

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