How can I prevent cancer in golden retrievers?

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Question by Julie: How can I in golden retrievers?
He’s a male and 3 years old
Hey I’m not going to report you or anyone else from my other question because you are right just not about me. I’m not going to be a stupid I participated in nursing puppies with a freind cause her gave birth and I helped so I know what to do and if you and other people think I’m going to throw away the puppies when they grow up and give them to a pound then you are wrong!!! GO BACK TO MY PREVIOUS QUESTION AND SEE MY ADDITIONAL DETAIL and I’ve already adopted 2 dogsfrom an and adopted 3 cats from the SPCA So grow up and stop thinking everybody’s goin to be a terrible breeder and that hates animals WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM!!!!!
Mac Bryan when I said I’m not going to be a stupid backyard breeder I meant I’m not going to be a breeder that doesn’t know anything about breeding and sending the puppies of to an and I was still going to breed just not a stupid breeder but I changed my mind all of you did so again go back to my other question and I AM NOT A LIAR

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Answer by MacBryan
Easy. Don’t become a backyard breeder who without health screening. Your later question refers.

EDIT: Re your additional details, here are two mutually exclusive statements:
1. “I’m not going to be a stupid backyard breeder”
2. “I want to find a female to mate with my male;_ylt=AhZiNfJEuyej49pfg93XaCTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130219175841AAJkIQm

That makes you a liar, doesn’t it.

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