Please help me find this certain breed?

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Question by PetTheDog: help me find ?
I’ve been told that there are “white Labrador ” and “white Retrievers.” I’m helping look for a family so I decided to come to for a little bit of help 🙂 They want a white Lab or Golden, and they’re willing to buy from a responsible breeder. Shelters are OUT of the question (unfortunately, they have a bad experience with shelter dogs and will never, ever adopt another :P) but Petfinder is in the question.

They live in Columbus, Ohio. Do you know of any ?
Uh oh. They want a white one because the hair won’t stand out against the carpet, they assured me it was a real color :/ If they’re supporting a BYB by getting a “white” colored Lab or Golden, I’m OUT! I would never support a BYB or puppy mill!!!

Best answer:

Answer by PsychoBilly
No reputable breeders will breed “white” of either of those breeds.

A lighter yellow/golden colour is possible, however good breeders don’t breed for colour.

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