Q&A: What’s the funniest thing your pet has done?

Q&A: What's the funniest thing your pet has done?

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We were at a with our dog and in the front of the store there was a display of a large pen with a doghouse inside. They had placed a plush in front of the doghouse and my dog was barking at it like crazy. One of the employees opened the gate and said teasingly to my dog, “You wanna get him?” inviting my dog to go in there. Ha! As soon as the gate was opened, my big, brave doggie turned and tried to run out of the store!

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Answer by Caribbean Blue
The funniest thing was when I got into a fight with my cat. I was petting her, and she hissed at me, so I pulled her hair and slapped her and she scratched me and slapped me and we were both screaming and finally I pulled her whiskers down to the ground and she screamed and then she slapped me really hard and we both eventually stopped… we were both breathing hard and tears were streaming down our faces because of our hair being pulled so hard, and then I pet her again and everything was okay.

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