Dog Aggression: Warning Signs That A Dog Might Bite

Dog AggressionDid you know that more than 4.7 million Americans get bitten by a annually? Why do so many people suffer from such ?

Dogs can become aggressive for various reasons, such as , stress, and dominance. But not matter what the reason for the dog's aggression, the body language of a canine will let you know if he is about to bite. Keep in mind that dog bites rarely happen without any warning; thus, you need to know the red flags that a dog might bite to protect yourself from suffering such injuries. Here are a few tips for understanding the dog's body language and behavior.

Physical Retreat: Dogs usually don't want to exert a lot of energy fighting; therefore, they would rather retreat instead of fight. This is also their survival instinct. Unfortunately, there are some people, especially children, who chase after a retreating dog and this can result in serious consequences. If a dog starts to back away, respect this and allow him his space.

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Head Turn: If the dog turns his head, this is a subtle that he is uncomfortable or probably stressed out. If you find that the dog turns his head if you stand in front of him, do not try to pet him or give him a hug. This may not immediately result in a bite, but it is a warning sign that he might bite if he feels more anxious. The injury attorneys at Bob M. Cohen & Associates even suggests asking the owner of the dog for permission first before petting or hugging the dog to prevent getting injured.

Rigid Body Posture: Usually when a dog is about to bite, you will see it in his body language. A happy and comfortable dog has a relaxed posture, with his ears low and happy wagging tail. An aggressive dog, on the other hand, has a stiff posture with his ears and tail pointed high. If you try to pet the dog, his entire body will stiffen instead of waggling closer to you. If the dog doesn't seem to be happy with your presence, give him space and do not touch him. You should move away slowly before he decides to bite.

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Cowering And Tail Tucking: If the dog shows signs of fear, such as when he cowers whenever you come near him or if he tucks his tail between his legs, do not continue to pursue him. Fearful dogs don't immediately bite, but as their fear increases so does their likelihood to attack. If you encounter a canine that cowers away, back off. Let the pooch approach you on his own so that he won't feel the need to attack to defend himself.

Growling And Snapping: These are very obvious and serious signs of . Dogs will growl and snap as a warning that he is preparing to defend himself. If you hear heavy breathing, see his nose and forehead wrinkled, and his lips are pulled up and back, slowly back away and do not make eye contact.

These are just a few you should look out for to determine whether the dog is aggressive or not. If in case you get bitten by a dog, do not panic. Do not try to yank yourself away from the dog's jaw because it will only provoke him to bite down harder. In addition, do not hit or harm the dog since it will only make him more aggressive. The best thing you can do is to grab something you can stick in his mouth to gag him causing him to let you go. Immediately apply first aid treatment and consider if claiming compensation for the injury is possible.

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is a registered nurse who has treated dog bite patients. She aims to prevent dog bite injuries by raising awareness regarding the dog bite warning signs.

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