The Origin of the Golden Retriever

The Golden is an AKC registered breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The Golden was developed in Scotland at “Guisachan” near “Glen Afric”. It was Lord Tweedmouth, as documented, bred the first dog dated back to 1800s.

The Tweed Water Spaniel- this is the first bred a female named “Belle” this kind is rare to find but common in border country, Irish Setter, Newfoundland, and Bloodhound, which today considered to be the main breed of Golden . They have that yellow color and good in hunting and other game.

Crocus, Primrose, Cowslip, and Ada serve as a foundation of the . It is a between Tweed Water Spaniel (a breed that now ceases to exist) and the . The Red Setter, the Newfoundland and the Bloodhound, was also cross breed to produce other Golden Retrievers.

Out of combining different breed just to produce this kind of dog, inherited traits become an asset to this dog. Like sweet disposition as a family companion and a spirit of vivacity, intelligence, beauty, gentle, best surrogate mothers, kind; friendly, confident and they have that hunting and tracking ability which cannot be found in other breed of dogs.

The Golden was presented for the first time by Lord Harcourt in a show in 1908. Lord Harcourt named it as the golden retriever, but the Kennel Club registered it as the golden variety of the Flat Coat Retriever. This breed was seen in America through export by 1920s it was registered by American Kennel Club. Their span can reach live 10 to 13 years. In order to meet this average life span they should be given much attention.

These dogs are active workers, this is one of their good traits they have. Once given a task , activities or sent out for they are focused on what they are doing.

The dog owner should be aware and watchful because they can be stressed and some times obese if the food intake is more than enough than what they . Close monitoring on feeding and activity of the dogs is very important to avoid risking their lives.

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