Q&A: What kind of news story should I make up?

Question by яαиdoм єpicиess: What of I make up?
We have to write a tabloid or broadsheet article for english and i’m doing a tabloid. what story should i make up? my teacher said, the funnier, the better, but i’m not sure what to write about!

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Answer by Jon Not John
Justin Bieber marries
“Sure, lots of girls love me, but Rover is my soulmate”
Barbie doll comes to , attacks (your city)
School gym to become student casino, principal says
“We just weren’t making enough money from bake sales.”
North Dakota invades South Dakota
“It’s so much warmer, and winter is coming,” said the governor, who led the invasion.
Doctors sue guy who came up with “apple a day” saying

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