Large Chaulkware Golden Retriever / Irish Setter?

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Some recent auctions on eBay:

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Toland Home Garden Bonnet Golden Retriever Decorative Garden Flag 112631
The Bonet Golden Garden Flag is a high-quality, brilliant and bold flag to decorate your home any during season of the y…
Ginger’s Story: A Golden Retriever Reflects Upon Her Life With Humans
A young girl of divorced parents finds love in the eyes of a . As their relationship grows the girl and her puppy…
Troy Golden Retriever
Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly Polar animals with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value un…
New Signature Collection Queen Size Golden Retriever Korean Mink Blanket
This will Fit a Queen or Full size bed and hang over nicely. This will cover the top of a King size bed. Measures 79″ x 96″. Signa…
Golden Retriever Animals Car Window Wall Laptop Decal Sticker — White 3.7in X 3in
Golden Animals Car Window Wall Laptop Decal Sticker White 3.7in X 3in When making your color choice please be aware that…

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