Dogs That Love Kids: How To Choose The Right Dog For Your Family

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There are few greater thrills in life than picking out a puppy to call one's own. When it comes to choosing a canine to bring home to your , however, there is far more to consider than your initial attraction to a particular breed's adorable appearance. The needs of are incredibly important, and can have a big impact on the selection of your breed and age of your new . However, your family should not feel limited in choices, as there are many great that are compatible with children, are , and are highly-trainable. With proper research and planning, you and your family can find a puppy that will be a perfect fit for your home.

Choosing a Child-Friendly Dog: Selecting A Safe, but Playful Puppy

Some of the most important qualities to consider when purchasing a for your family are the factors of size and playfulness. Can your children keep up with an extremely energetic dog? Would the younger members of your family be able to handle the exercise requirements of walking a dog at least twice a day, and devoting the playtime necessary to keep the dog emotionally and physically healthy? If so, choosing a small breed is a great option, as they can be trained easily and managing their behavioral outbursts requires minimal effort. Some of the best options for choosing a child-friendly dog are outlined below.

Cocker spaniel

Small, Easy-Going Dogs: Toy-Sized Pets that Love Kids

Most families love the adorable breeds of miniature schnauzers, cocker spaniels, and maltese dogs. They might have longer hair, which can be a critical consideration if any of your have allergies. Nevertheless, these playful puppies are extremely calm and kind, and know when to be gentle with little ones.

Extremely Playful Personalities: Medium-Sized Kid-Friendly Dogs

Another great option is to opt for a cute, medium-sized with lots of personality. Consider beagles or pugs, which are gentle with children and easy to take care of. Their shorter fur is less allergenic than those of other dogs, and they love to play outside with kids in gated areas. Mixed breeds, such as the or the Doodle, are also great for families with young children.

Labrador Retriever

Gentle Giants: Breeds Known to Be Especially Friendly With Kids

Some families like to opt for highly-trainable dogs that are larger in size, such as labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and german shepherds. Not only are these breeds extremely loyal, but they rarely have outbursts that will put your children and their friends in any danger. Larger poodles can also be trained to be less aggressive than other dogs, and will be happy to play outdoors with kids while staying tame indoors.

Family Finances: Making Sure Your Dog's Needs Fall Within Your Household Budget

When purchasing a pet, you should also consider the costs of maintaining that dog's health and well-being. Certain breeds of dogs are particularly susceptible to diseases and require additional check-ups, vaccinations, and other health procedures. Remember, a larger dog will need to eat more food – and costs for high quality food can add up over time. However, don't attempt to cut costs by feeding your pet off-brand food products: by serving your pet top-notch foods by trusted brands such as Royal Canin, you will help to boost your pet's nutrition and vitality, and will help to prevent future health issues in your pet. By doing your research before purchasing your new pet, you can be sure to select a kid-friendly dog that will not break the bank, either.

Bringing Your Pet Home:

Establishing a Safe and Calm Environment for your Family-Friendly Pet

When you bring your small dog home for the first time, first make sure to designate separate spaces for your pet and your children, and make clear boundaries about where and when they are allowed to play together. A small dog might wreak havoc in a child's bedroom, where many valuables and precious toys are stored, but may be able to play in a specified, decluttered playroom with minimal furniture and carpets that are easy to clean. You will want to make sure that any small children cannot access the if it is on the floor in the kitchen, and that areas are gated off so that your new pet can act rambunctiously without putting your young children in danger. You might also consider purchasing a crate for your dog – not for punishment, but to allow your puppy to have a space that feels like a nest or den away from the chaos of young children.

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