Golden Meadows Retrievers Presents New Puppies for the New Year

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Moorpark, California (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

New continue to arrive at Golden so anyone interested in starting the new with one or more trained golden retriever puppies look no further than this reputable breeding program. “Our are ready to join any family today, whether one is in need of a family pet or a therapy or service ,” of Golden Meadows Retrievers declares.

Although originally bred for their bird hunting abilities, attracted attention as a family pet as they learn obedience rapidly and can be taught advanced skills with ease. They tend to be good natured and like living amongst people. “Owners need to recognize that these animals require regular exercise and they love to explore, which makes a fenced in area a necessity. Parents love these dogs for their family, however, as they are very gentle and friendly,” Asher goes on to say.

Vizsla puppies also remain in high demand, due in part to their cute, wrinkly faces and big eyes, yet care must be taken to ensure one is purchasing from a reputable vizsla puppy breeder. A reputable breeder works to ensure the potential owner understands what owning a dog of this type entails. “Vizsla love to be active and will need to be exercised every day, otherwise they may become bored and destroy things. A fenced area will be essential and the dog must be taken on a long walk or run every day. Furthermore, these animals love to snuggle so they should be indoor dogs, rather

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