6 Signs You’re Spoiling Your Pooch

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Spoiling Your PoochThe relationship between an owner and his or her is precious, and while most owners strive to give their dog everything he or she needs and more, there are plenty of owners out there that take owning a dog to an entirely new level. Although you may love your , they are still your pet, and the following are six that you’ve crossed the line and are completely spoiling your canine companion.

1. Your dog eats at the table with you.

Dogs have food dishes that sit on the floor for a reason, but some people don’t think it’s fair to have Fido eat on the ground. If your dog has his or her own seat at the dinner table, you’re spoiling your pooch.

2. Your dog is always carried.

Yes, toy breeds are cute and tiny and can easily fit in your purse, but that doesn’t mean they have to. These dogs still have legs that work properly, and they can still walk (and even run) around on their own. Plus, walking gives them exercise. If you are constantly carrying your dog, whether in your arms or a cute little dog carrier, you’re spoiling your pup.

3. Your dog has his or her own bedroom.

Dogs should have their own space to go to when they don’t want to be bothered, but that doesn’t mean that your dog needs his or her own bedroom. Most dogs are happy with a warm place to sleep—they don’t care about having a king size bed all to themselves with a television constantly blasting Animal Planet. If this sounds like a room in your home, you’re spoiling your dog.

4. Your dog has the latest gadgets.

People become obsessed with having the latest gadget. stores can’t get a break when a new product comes out, and that’s for the humans to enjoy. If you are giving your dog his or her own gadgets, whether a dog digital camera or even investing in a tablet for your dog to play dog apps, then you’re spoiling your pooch.

5. Your dog goes everywhere—everywhere—with you.

If the thought of leaving Fido home alone scares you to the point where he is tagging along everywhere you go, you’re spoiling your dog. Sometimes you and your dog need a little separation and training. There’s no need for you to bring your dog with while your run to the store, so why bother? Your dog is not a fashion accessory and sometimes he might prefer staying at home in his comfy bed rather than being stressed by a lot of running around.

6. Your dog has a new outfit for every day.

First of all, if you dress your dog up in something other than a sweater during the cold winter months, you’re already spoiling your pet. Additionally, if your dog has a different outfit to wear every day (and pajamas for every day too), then you are most certainly spoiling your dog. There is no reason a dog should have daily outfits, let alone need to make costume changes. If your dog has more clothes than you do, consider yourself a dog spoiler.

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Guest Author: Smith is a freelance writer, busy mom of 2 and a dog owner. Ashley uses her love of writing to share articles on a variety of topics.

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