Q&A: Keeping a dog around a newborn?

Question by TS: a dog a ?
My wife and I are expecting our babygirl in late October. We have an 18 month old “Lucy” at home as a gaurd dog. Our baby came as a suprise and now with the dog at home we have concerns about weather the stories of dogs being envious of newborns are true. I've heard stories of even Chihuahuas attacking tolders so I'm more concerned now that the baby is due in a few weeks.I'm not getting rid of her but I just want to know if I will have to kinnel her whenever the baby is around. Have you taken any sort of precautionary measures?

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Answer by K
Get a gate for inside the house to keep lucy in a different room. And keep your dog in the garage or backyard when your baby is born. You will have to test how your dog will even react to a newborn GL

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    • Bellotilla
    • January 1, 2014

    Come on!!…a dog is a dog…and baby is a baby!!!… the dog will not attack the baby unless you let the darn dog to get close to the baby….beside dogs smell humans , if the dogs likes to be around humans he would not care about the baby HUMAN
    My only concern here…is why you want to be filthy having a dog so close to a new born…the common sense is when a baby is newborn you don’t want to expose him to cold wind to avoid neumonias, smoke, insects, and filthy animals!
    but o’well babies are stronger than they seem, and a doctor suggested to my sister, when her toddler started preschool and started to get sick often with colds, & high fevers, each month, that She should buy a dog to raise the toddler with contact with a dog, that children with dogs get stronger autoimmune system faster than one not exposed to animals, So She bought a sweet Chihuahua puppy, and the colds and fevers stopped! that was unbelievable…the dog and the girl are best friends

    • Dee Savage
    • January 1, 2014

    Yes, My grandmother had a dog for my mom and her siblings and when my mom gave birth to my older brother and brought him around the dog was very envious and even attempted to maul my brother. So yes this is true. My grandmother got rid of the dog. I thought this was baloney until I seen pictures of the dog and the dog glaring at my infant brother. To protect your precious newborns life, its best your dog should go.

    • Iquaniqua
    • January 1, 2014

    Whatever you do, dont give all of your attention to the baby, the dog will get jelous and hate the baby. You have to show the dog that you still love it and have time for it

    • SuperGreen
    • January 1, 2014

    The Dog Whisperer says to treat your baby like a fellow “pack leader” around your dog- ie making the dog walk behind the stroller, etc. Google his show and watch the one(s) about babies and dogs. He’s helped a lot of folks!

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