Basic German Shepherd Training Tips

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The German is a beautiful and very popular dog and basic dog house is a must. They are very easy to train and are very versatile. They are great for obedience, they're great for agility and they're great for protection. They are an awesome dog if you like doing tracking work or generally if you like hiking or swimming then they will spend all day by your side.

A is very social so it's important that when you begin your German Shepherd training that you properly socialize them when they are young. The reason for socializing a German Shepherd when it is young is so that it is very stable when it is an adult dog. Breeds these days have a high tendency to be high strung and get nervous fairly easy so its important that you look for a very stable German Shepherd and then you socialize them so they are very stable as an adult dog.

need socialization, they need leadership and they need exercise and if they get all of those things then they can become great and loyal family pets. However if you don't do those 3 things then they can become an absolute nightmare for you and your family, not to mention the neighbors.

So here a a couple of basic straight forward to follow when doing basic .

Firstly keep all your commands short and simple. Remember to always repeat the same command day after day after day. Don't mix up the commands with different words mix amongst it because this will confuse the dog and make the training longer.

Secondly the tone of your voice and how you deliver your commands also plays a huge part in the training. When starting out with a young puppy then you want to use a soothing voice to help encourage the dog to try new things.

Once your puppy is older then start giving more firm commands. This will help build your German Shepherds confidence and ability to do more.

If your German Shepherd does something that is undesirable then a stern “No” is all that is needed or banish your dog to the dog bed. Never ever hit your dog as this will cause tenancies to cringe whenever they see a raised hand. Always consider a dog as a child.

People that fail in dog house training usually fail because:

they don't enjoy the process of house training a dog,
they give up to early,
and they get to much advice from to many people

Just stick to the basics and remember that consistency is the key. Even if it is a minute a day that you spend dog house training, then your dog will always look forward to that time of the day if you keep it consistent.

Dan Hetaraka is a Internet Marketer and part time website designer. Interests include being amongst the outdoors enjoying hiking, camping and anything else related to the outdoors. I love German Shepherd dogs and have a passion for dog house training and canine care.

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