3 Ways Your Dog Is Annoying Your Neighbors

3 Ways Your Dog Is Annoying Your NeighborsWhen you own a , you have to put up with their personalities and behaviors. What most people don't realize is how having a dog can affect your . It's your responsibility as a to do everything you can to keep your dog from annoying your neighbors. If your dog is a nuisance to your neighborhood, it could cause strain between you and the people that live around you, and it may even result in phone calls to the police. If you own a dog, the following are three ways he or she could be annoying your neighbors.

1. Your dog barks.

The biggest thing your dog can do to annoy your neighbors is . Yes, dogs are going to bark every now and then, and that's expected, but if you have a dog that is constantly barking at all hours of the day without stopping, it's going to truly upset your neighbors. Make sure that you're being considerate to your neighbors. Pull your dog inside the house if he or she starts to bark uncontrollably. This will make your neighbors happy.

You also need to keep in mind that many towns have noise ordinance laws, and if your dog is barking uncontrollably, your neighbors could call the police. You could be ticketed for your dog's constant barking, and this is not a great way to build relationships with your neighbors.

2. Your dog snarls.

If your dog is constantly snarling at your neighbors through the fence, it will annoy your neighbors. You neighbors live in their house to feel safe, and if your dog is constantly showing aggression towards them, it will make your neighbors feel unsafe. The last thing you need is for your dog's aggression to become physical with your neighbors, and if your dog were to bite your neighbor, you could find yourself in legal trouble. If a neighbor sees your dog as a threat, he or she could call the police, and you could end up being ticketed or having your dog removed from your home.

3. Your dog trespasses.

You may do everything you possibly can to keep your dog in your own yard, but sometimes your dog can wander if you have a broken fence or if they are not properly trained to “stay”. Your neighbors don't want your dog on their lawn, and if your dog is constantly trespassing, it's going to cause trouble between you and your neighbors, especially if your dog destroys their lawn by walking through flowers or defecating their lawn. Make sure that you are always keeping your dog in your own yard. Fix broken fences, and always restrain your dog to keep him or her on your own property.

If your neighborhood has an animal control department, your neighbor could call them on your dog if he or she is in their yard. The animal control department could take your dog away, and you could end up having to pay a fine to get your dog back.

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Guest Author: Ashley Smith is a freelance writer, busy mom of 2 and a dog owner. Ashley uses her love of writing to share articles on a variety of topics.

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