Which breed of dog has the most animals?

Question by Mac: Which of has the ?
I was wondering which breeds of dogs have the most individuals.
I am aware of which breeds have the most *registrations,* but I am looking for something TOTALLY different.
If you could do top 10 or something, that would be awesome!

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Answer by Jenny
I believe the Labrador retriever has the most. And anymore I see pit bulls everywhere.

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    • Nekkid Truth!
    • December 29, 2013

    the only thing you really have to go on is registration statistics

    In the US, labs are probably the most common breed..

    those statistics may vary tho from various areas tho in another country, another breed may be far more common

    • 4Her4Life
    • December 29, 2013

    Without registration, there is no way to prove if a dog is or isn’t a member of a certain breed. There are plenty of dogs that are even listed as more than one breed on various paperwork – my dog was a “German Shepherd” on his shelter paperwork, but is CLEARLY a Belgian Malinois (shelter so no proof he is purebred, but anyone who knows both breeds agrees he is almost certainly 100% Malinois).

    Your best bet is to go by registration statistics – they are the ones keeping records, and popularity will correspond to registration numbers almost all of the time (exception: unrecognized breeds, breeds that specifically discourage registration with a major registry).

    The top 5 breeds are probably Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Beagle, Golden Retriever, and then “pit bull” (if we count that as a breed – there are at least 3 breeds that are classified under that umbrella, and possibly as many as a dozen, MOST of the dogs labeled “pit bull” are mongrels of one of these breeds plus Boxer or Mastiff or something else).

    • Jimm
    • December 29, 2013

    This make no sence

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